A look at the real estate market statistics for Sioux Falls

📋 Sioux Falls Real Estate Market Report – December [2017]

Homes for Sale in Sioux Falls,SD

The winter months began with November showing a strong real estate market in Sioux Falls. Pending sales were up and days on the market were down, a combination that has sellers feeling hopeful. A Look at the Housing Stats November had a total of 263 condominiums and single-family homes sell. When you compare last year’s … Continued

📋 Sioux Falls Real Estate Market Report – October [2017]

The real estate industry is showing signs of sleepiness as autumn sets into Sioux Falls. Inventory is low, prices are high, and there are fewer sales this month than there were last month. However, there’s still activity taking place and deals being done before the onset of the holiday season, which is when sales are … Continued

Sioux Falls Library Directory 📚

Personal Testimony Sioux Falls, South Dakota recognizes the need for ease of access when it comes to books, magazines, movies, and computer access. Because of this, the city of Sioux Falls offers five convenient library locations. Personally, experiencing the various libraries, I attest that many of the librarians attain the necessary knowledge to assist the general … Continued

🏢Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce

🏢What is the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce?  Founded in 1907 as a membership organization, the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce came to life. The purpose of this organization involves promotion of healthy and prosperous relationships amongst business owners/representatives. This group remains focused in the Sioux Falls area. Furthermore, Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce strives … Continued

🍴Sioux Falls Restaurants

Sioux Falls Restaurants Offer Unique Cuisine for all Palettes! 👅 Sioux Falls offers residents and visitors an array of options when it comes to unique dining experiences. With over 700 restaurants in Sioux Falls, guests and residents alike attain the choices they desire. Sioux Falls, located in the heart Midwest, serves mighty steak dinners, fresh water … Continued

Sioux Falls Funeral Homes😔

Sioux Falls Funeral Homes😢 Unfortunately, death remains an event all people face at one point in their lives. Whether it be a friend, relative, or even a parent, death continues to turn lives upside down. With this, death involves the decision on which funeral home to choose. Furthermore, the funeral homes in Sioux Falls, SD … Continued

Sioux Falls Humane Society🐶🐱

Pets are Family 👪🐰🐱🐶 Pets continue to be more than just pets. Many times, people consider their pets as family. This is a mantra the Sioux Falls Humane Society continues to thrive on. This is especially true back in 1919 when they opened their doors. The facility provides a home for lost, unwanted, abused and … Continued

🏥 Sioux Falls Hospitals

🏥Sioux Falls Hospitals Living in a city with premier hospitals remains a top priority for Sioux Falls residents. Moreover, healthcare professionals feel grateful to work in Sioux Falls. Why? With 2 elite facilities, the people of Sioux Falls remain relieved to know they have access to top of the line care. On the other hand, … Continued

🍿Sioux Falls Movie Theaters

🎥A Traditional entertainment option… Sioux Falls remains a city full of entertainment options, from concerts to hockey games to rodeos. However, who could pass up going to the movies with friends or family? Two Cinemark theaters and one West Mall 7 encompass the options for Sioux Falls Movie Theaters. Personally, I love going to the movies. Do … Continued