🧐What is Home Staging?

Home staging simply involves various preparations that allow a private home to become market ready. The general purpose to choose whether or not to stage one’s home is to ensure the home appears inviting to potential buyers. Generally, this decision appeals to a higher number of potential buyers. Moreover, staging favors that property to be sold quicker and for a higher dollar amount. For the Sioux Falls area, I recommend Stephanie at Set to Sell for any of these direct needs. Click here to view her website.

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🛋️Does the Home Buyer get to Keep Staging Materials?

People use various techniques to properly prepare one’s home. Typically, this gives interested buyers an attractive first impression of the property. These strategies improve the home’s attraction by changing it into a welcoming, appealing product. Some popular items to add to a home include: artwork, lamps, carpet, new towels, flowers, throw pillows, greenery and lights. Usually, a real estate agent advises what stays and what must go.
Once a home is sold, a common question may be: Does the buyer get to keep the furniture and other decor used from staging?

If the staging items belong to the stager or a rental company, home buyers cannot claim ownership of them. Why? Ultimately, the stager remains responsible for these items. The seller cannot sell the items, since they do not attain ownership. The buyer may not be able to assert that ownership transferred, if there is no mention of such in the sales contract. Even if the items make an appearance in the sales contract, such as “any furniture left behind,” the seller neither claims ownership of the items, nor attains the ability to sell them.

Conversely, if the staging items belong to the homeowner, this presents possible negotiations. Because the staging items remain the homeowner’s personal property, they retain the ownership, even after closing. However, some situations allow for negotiations amongst the buyer and seller if the home buyer insists on the purchase of desired items. Moreover, some home sale situations involve the sale of the home as furnished; however, this must be specified in the sales contract. Many times, in sales, all things remain negotiable. If the price is right, anything remains for sale.

🤷Why is Staging Important?

Typically, the buyer’s offer features an area where personal items like the refrigerator, carpet, stove, etc are specified. Otherwise, it is presumed that the building will be empty when the buyer moves in.
Another scenario involves a situation where the homeowners rent the staging items directly from stagers or interior designers.  Additionally, these interior decorators attain a warehouse full of various items. Moreover, these professionals offer their service for a fee or rent them out for showings. Once the closing takes place, the items need returning to the rightful owner.

As the homeowner, an empty house encompasses a vital concept, especially before closing. Regardless of who the various items belongs to, all borrowed property within the home needs to be returned to the company who owns the furniture. Many times, items within the house do not belong to the homeowners and cannot be kept or sold to potential buyers.

Typically, a realtor pays for the staging service which a staging company completes. No pieces directly belong to the realtor. The scenario emulates renting procedures for a designated period of time.

On another note, if certain staging items represent a desired style and the company does not wish to sell, take photographs of the room and make notes of where these items remain available for purchase. Certain brands encompass various home decorative styles, thus take notes on various brands used by the company. Alternatively, a simpler solution involves purchasing similar pieces online or at a local outlet.

If you have any more questions about how to sell your home, contact RL Real Estate at 601-212-8431 or at regan@rlrealestategroup.com. Regan Laughlin and her team of real estate experts would be more than happy to serve you.

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They did such a great job. Helped attract numerous buyers (I almost didn’t want to leave it). They were very good at it and did it for much cheaper than I possibly would have expected. I highly recommend the company!” – Wyatt

“Stephanie has a great personality and excellent staging advice. She is an important part of helping my clients get the most value from their home. As a Realtor, it is wonderful to turn this aspect over and know my clients are in good hands. An extra bonus is that she has furniture that can be rented if necessary to help showcase the best features of the home.” -Norm

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Stephanie and her style, thoughtfulness, and her beautiful design. When she helped me get my house ready to sell I knew I was in great hands!” -Julia

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