While we don’t recommend that you choose the for sale by owner option for listing your property, we can offer some helpful for sale by owner websites that cater to those selling their home. These are great resources for sellers who are trying to reach potential buyers and those buyers who are interested in buying a FSBO home.

🏘️ For Sale by Owner

For Sale by Owner is one of the leading FSBO websites in the United States, this website was credited with saving sellers more than $70 million in real estate commissions. The website has approximately 1,780,000 visitors each month.

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You can create an account for free to upload your property details and photos with a 14-day trial.Β  Once the trail is over, you can select one of their listing packages to continue having your home shown on the website.

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🏠 FSBO.com

FSBO.com has been in operation for more than two decades and creates an avenue for buyers and sellers to connect. The website is visited by approximately 63,420 people each month.

The website offers two packages for sellers that are priced based on the services provided. For best result, it is recommended that you use this site in conjunction with the other top FSBO sites featured in our list of top websites.

🏑 Fizber

Fizber is another FSBO-specific site that offers customization listing options to homeowners that wish to sell their properties by themselves. According to the site, it has helped several homeowners save approximately $15,000 in commissions. Currently, the site generates monthly site traffic of approximately 210,430 visitors.

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This site also features homes that are listed with real estate agents and creating an account is free, but you can choose a paid package that varies according to services. Many who choose the for sale by owner websites option like this one because there is no trail period on the free account.

🏘️ Owners.com

This is another online directory for FSBOs, which allows homeowners to create a free listing featuring description and photos for the first 21 days. At present, the site generates monthly site traffic of 384,210 visitors.

To create an account on Owners.com is free, but they do have packages that includeΒ six and twelve month’s listings, depending on your preference. Some packages list properties of homeowners on other sites and the MLS.

🏠 Zillow

While Zillow is not specifically an FSBO website, homeowners can list their properties there. They generate approximately 165,550,000 visitor hits each month.

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Homeowners can create an account for free that allows them to list their FSBOs. Buyers that wish to buy FSBO properties can click on β€œBuy” and then click on the β€œFor Sale by Owner” section on the website.

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🏑 RL Real Estate Group

If you choose the for sale by owner option for listing your property, it’s a good idea to use more than one of the FSBO websites we mentioned in this article. However, we would love a chance to show you how we can help sell your home and reach more potential buyers!

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5 Top For Sale by Owner Websites
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5 Top For Sale by Owner Websites
We don't recommend that you go it alone and choose the for sale by owner option. If you do, we can recommend the 5 top for sale by owner websites that may help.
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