A priority goal for you as a home seller is to make your home as attractive as possible so that it appeals to a broad range of potential home buyers. You can create this appealing home by staging.

When you stage your home, you are making it a neutral canvas that gives buyers a chance to see themselves living in that space. Fortunately, staging doesn’t have to cost a lot of money if you follow the 8 best tips for home staging.

🛋️ Focus on Main Rooms

If you have a limited budget for staging, you’ll want to focus on the rooms that are most important when it comes to influencing potential home buyers when they are making decisions. Key rooms to focus on include the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom.

staged dining room with white table and chairs

If you still have money in the budget, you can then focus on other bedrooms, bathrooms, and additional rooms. Don’t forget to leave some room in the budget for outside areas that increase the property’s curb appeal.

🖼️ Remove Personal Items

You want the buyer to easily see themselves living in the home, but that isn’t so easy to do if they are surrounded by things that remind them that someone else occupies the house. Remove all personal photos, collections, and anything that may be seen as controversial.
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📚 Remove Clutter

Maximize the space that your home has by removing anything that makes the rooms look smaller or cluttered. Remove large pieces of furniture, take some books off the shelves, and use decor with purpose.

staged bedroom with lots of light

🛁 Complete a Deep Cleaning

Cleaning should include between kitchen counter tops and appliances, window blinds, baseboards, ceiling corners, and other places that are often missed in routine cleanings. These tasks should be carried out prior to putting your home on the market.

🌼 Create Curb Appeal

The best chance you get to make a first impression begins before the buyer enters your home. Create curb appeal by making sure flower beds are fresh looking, the front entrance is welcoming, and outdoor furniture is appealing and in conversational settings.

outdoor pario with dining table

🐟 Address Colors & Smells

When choosing fresh paint or accent colors, be sure to choose a neutral theme with pops of color to add interest. When it comes to the smell of your home, you’ll want to make sure that you aren’t cooking anything strong smelling (like fish) close to showings and open houses.
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🌞 Let the Light Shine

When having a showing or an open house, turn on the lights to make things look bright and welcoming. Be sure that windows are not blocked so that all the natural light has a chance to impress potential home buyers.

living room with large windows and natural light

🛏️ Showcase Attractive Furniture

Your furniture should be arranged in such a way that there will be plenty of open space. Attractive furniture will also enable prospective buyers to visualize their own furniture in each room.
8 Best Tips for Home Staging
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8 Best Tips for Home Staging
Staging your home doesn't have to cost lots of money. Check out these 8 tips for home staging to see how you can stage on a budget.
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