Mistakes made when selling a home can be costly when it c omes to time and money. Let’s take a closer look at these 8 tips for selling a home that will help set you up for success.

🤩 Tip 1 – Create a Great First Impression

The first time a potential buyer sees your home is most likely through photographs associated with your online listing. For this reason, it’s essential to have professional photographs that maximize the potential of your property.

We can offer you staging tips that will help you make your home appealing to a broad range of buyers without a big price tag included. If you prefer, we can get you in touch with a professional stager who can make your home look like a showroom!

📸 Tip 2 – Keep Home Show Ready

Staging your home and getting professional photographs will help you catch the interest of those who are searching online for homes like yours. The effort doesn’t stop there, however, because you want to keep your home show ready.

staged dining room with white table and chairs

Create a plan for staying on top of daily clutter and routine cleanings. If you have small children, make a game out of quick clean-up times and store toys that are not normally played with often.

Throughout the course of the sale period, your real estate agent will have open houses and private showings. You want everything to be in the proper place to impress potential buyers.

🖼️ Tip 3 – Depersonalize the House

It’s a good idea to remove personal items from the home before you list the property for sale because you want potential buyers to easily see themselves living in that space. Begin by removing personal photographs, family keepsakes, collections, and anything that could be seen as controversial.

example of staged kitchen

🛠️ Tip 4 – Ask Us Before Renovating

Sometimes, it pays to embark upon quick fixes prior to selling your home; however, if you decide to do major renovations or upgrades to the property, you’ll want to check with a professional real estate agent (like us!). We can tell you if the renovations are going to positively impact your home’s value or just be a waste of time and money.

👍 Tip 5 – Let Us Help You

We can provide you with a comprehensive home value report that looks at factors like recently sold homes in the area, any upgrades you’ve made to the property, and the current real estate market trends. We’ll be there to represent your interest, market your home’s listing, and help with any offer negotiations.

couple selling a house sitting in front of real estate agent at desk

We would love a chance to show you how we can help sell your home and reach more potential buyers! Call (or text) the RL Real Estate Group today at 605-212-8431 or reach out to us here!

💲 Tip 6 – Price Your Home Right

Setting the right asking price for your home is essential for a successful sale and limits the chances you’ll lose time and money. Setting the asking price too high can create a situations where the home stays on the market and needs to be re-listed, but you also want to guard against setting the price too low and losing money on your investment.

model home on stacked coins

😔 Tip 7 – Understand Your Emotions

Selling a home can be an emotional experience that can create stress and anxiety if left unchecked. Give yourself permission to feel the emotions but take care that they don’t cloud your vision when it comes to a realistic asking price or making updates to the property.

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🏠 Tip 8 – Don’t Sell Your Home Alone

Many people think they can save money on commissions to real estate agents if they choose the for sale by owner option for their listing. Unfortunately, this decision can result in problems with reaching potential buyers, accepting offers, and understanding the legalities of selling a home.

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8 Tips for Selling a Home
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8 Tips for Selling a Home
Help set yourself up for success when it comes to selling your home. Take a closer look at these 8 tips for selling a home before you begin!
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