Sellers often make several mistakes when choosing a real estate agent to represent them in their home sale. Let’s look at the 10 mistakes sellers make choosing a real estate agent that can delay their sale and cost them money.

🙍‍♂️ Choosing Friends or Family

Many sellers consider a real estate agent because they are a friend, close associate, or family member. If there should be any problem in the course of the home selling transaction, the existing relationship could become strained or be ruined beyond repair.

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🏃 Making Decisions in Haste

Some sellers see only one presentation from a real estate agent and quickly hire them. They fail to compare the advantages and disadvantages of what is offered to them. Sellers who practice falling into this habit could miss out on beneficial marketing practices from more experienced real estate agents.

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💲 Lack of Pricing Advice

The decision to set the asking price is always yours, but you do want a real estate agent who offers you a free home valuation and then provides a more comprehensive report that takes other factors into account. Hiring a real estate agent who doesn’t question your asking price can lead to a loss of money or a delayed sale.

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🗣️ Failure to Ask for References

It’s a good idea to look at reviews online and ask for references or testimonials from real estate agents you interview. While there is no guarantee that these reviews will mean the agent is the perfect choice for your situation, they will give you some insight on how the agent conducts business.

💵 Selecting Based on Commission

Some sellers select agents with lower commissions, but they fail to consider the negotiating ability of such agents. You want a real estate agent that is confident in their abilities and their negotiation skills. You may find that buyer’s agents are less motivated to work with your agent if the commission is extremely low.

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⭐ Hiring with Little Exposure

One cannot dispute the efficiency of agents who work for large, well-established real estate companies because they have knowledge of all the estate inventory. Typically, they also work under a higher standard. You want someone with the exposure power to get your home noticed on the market.

🏆 Lack of Professional Designations

In the world or real estate, there are different professional designations. For example, a real estate agent with the CRS designation is a Certified Residential Specialist. This agent has undone special training to become an expert in this area and gain certification.

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Ask each real estate agent about their certifications and whether they are members of the National Association of REALTORS®. While someone may be a real estate agent, they must be a member of this organization to call themselves a REALTOR®.

🌆 Hiring Due to Convenience

It may seem like a great idea to hire the closest real estate agent to your home, but that doesn’t mean they are the best agent for the job. Don’t let the convenience of hiring someone due to proximity cost you the sale of your home.

😮 Being Overly Impressed with Listings

While you want a real estate agent who has the knowledge and experience needed to market your home for sale, beware of being overly impressed with statistics to the point where you hire an agent who is not the best choice for your needs. Take all the elements of a good real estate agent into account before making your decision.

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9 Mistakes Sellers Make Choosing a Real Estate Agent
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9 Mistakes Sellers Make Choosing a Real Estate Agent
Finding a real estate agent doesn't have to be complicated if you pay attention to the 9 mistakes sellers make choosing a real estate agent.
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