Meet Regan Laughlin – Broker/Owner

The real estate career path is the most rewarding job. I get the opportunity to help people buy and sell real estate! Who would’ve thought I could actually pull that off? And, the personal rewards in everything I do are the relationships I’ve been introduced to that continue on every day.

My first full year of real estate 2015: I sold 43 homes!!

My second year of real estate 2016: Our team sold 71 homes!!

PS. I started a team in my 2nd year of real estate!

So, here is my story…

I decided to follow my lifelong dream in March of 2014, to become a real estate agent in Sioux Falls, SD! With over 700 other agents, the competition was, and still is, fierce. I knew that I didn’t want to be an “average” agent that sells 8 – 12 homes per year. I knew that being average was not good enough.

I defied all of the national odds and within my first full year of real estate, I sold 43 homes. Not only did I defy the national averages, I founded RL Real Estate Group with ReMax Professionals, Inc in my 2nd year in the business!

My goal is to help develop long lasting relationships with my clients. I am very passionate about helping other agents grow their businesses, too!

I love my life professionally and personally. I am a wife, mother of 2 daughters, and “mama” to 3 dogs.

And, in case I forget to tell you, “I LOVE REAL ESTATE!!”