How much are closing costs? [2019]

Closing Costs

This is a question that remains ever popular among home buyers. Closing costs are the fees associated with obtaining a home mortgage.  Typical closing costs are about 3% of the total purchase price. For instance, if you are purchasing a home for $200,000, closing costs will be about $6000.00. Closing costs are make up of … Continued

Sioux Falls Real Estate Market Report – February 2019

Here’s a look at the Sioux Falls Real Estate Market for February 2019. According to statistics from the REALTOR® Association of the Sioux Falls Empire, Inc., the number of new listings to come on the market is on the rise. Read more about this month’s real estate market trends. 👀 A Look at Housing Stats … Continued

🍷 Best Sioux Falls Restaurants for Large Groups

Events like birthdays, anniversaries, retirement parties, wedding receptions can be difficult to plan if you don’t have a place in mind that is large enough to accomodate your guests. While you could rent a large hall or banquet room, there are plenty of restaurants in the area that would be perfect for the event. Check … Continued

😮 9 Mistakes Sellers Make Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Sellers often make several mistakes when choosing a real estate agent to represent them in their home sale. Let’s look at the 10 mistakes sellers make choosing a real estate agent that can delay their sale and cost them money. 🙍‍♂️ Choosing Friends or Family Many sellers consider a real estate agent because they are … Continued

🚪 Do Open Houses Work When Selling a Home?

open house concept - key in door

An open house can be a wonderful way to show your home to potential buyers who want to take a closer look at what your property offers. While many people stand behind the positive results that can come from an open house, others believe there are better ways to show a home. Do open houses … Continued

💡 What’s the Best Strategy to Sell a House?

If you’re wondering what is the best strategy to sell a house, we can offer some insight that might help! Selling a home is like a science that uses tactics and techniques to market your property that will catch the eye of potential buyers. 🛋️ Home Sale Prep & Staging Sellers should start by preparing … Continued

🚷 How to Sell a House Without a Real Estate Agent

Houses in suburban neighborhood

Homeowners may choose to sell their homes without enlisting the assistance of a real estate agent. Let’s take a closer look at how to sell a house without a real estate agent. 🕵️‍♀️ Research the Market Before you can set the correct asking price on your home, you’ll need to research the local real estate … Continued

eXp Realty, Explained by Regan Laughlin [Agent/Owner]

eXp Realty

Have you heard about eXp Realty? If you are looking for a change in your real estate business that dramatically increases your sales, commission, technology, and knowledge, this informative article is just for you! Other topics include eXp Realty reviews, cloud-based brokerages, teams, and education. We’ll help you join eXp so you can begin your … Continued

👉 What’s the Fastest Way to Sell a House?

For sale sign with sold sticker

It is the desire of every home seller to sell their home as quickly as possible. The longer a home is on the market, the less valuable it becomes. This is why a fast home sale is desirable. So, what’s the fastest way to sell a house? Let’s take a closer look! 👍 Hire a … Continued

🤔 How Can I Sell My Own Home?

woman at laptop on white desk 1200

One of the most significant investments most people ever make is a house. When it comes time to sell, you may find yourself asking, “How can I sell my own home?” Some people think that selling their home without a real estate agent will save them money. While this isn’t always the case, we can … Continued