It is essential that sellers and real estate agents remain active on social media. Studies have shown that over 99% of those looking for homes use the internet to research properties. These house hunters now use property-related hashtags and social media feeds for performing their searches.

πŸ€” Why use social media?

Most people use YouTube, the second-largest search engine in the world to explore houses and communities. Recent studies have shown that 86% of home shoppers use video to research a specific community they are considering. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat are also popular social media platforms.

This is the reason home sellers and agents remain active on social media in this technology-driven age, so they can easily nurture interest in newly listed properties. There are several social media platforms that home sellers can use to sell their homes. Those that will be considered here are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat.

πŸ“± Facebook

Facebook makes it easy to target advertisements to core demographics, which is extremely valuable. For exmaple, you could target newlywed couples in a specific age range if that makes sense for your home and community. Studies have shown that 69% of real estate agents use Facebook and get positive results.

Facebook page on a laptop screen

Sellers should use Facebook to write posts relating to real estate, sharing photos of their new listing, and spread the word out to the world about their homes and strong features. This will naturally resonate with a buyer.

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πŸ“± YouTube

A recent study showed that 53 percent of marketing professionals agree that the best return on investment can come from video content. As a home seller, you can upload video tours of your home and the neighborhood. These videos can be found through searches consumers make on Google and YouTube, and you can use them in blog posts and Facebook posts.

YouTube on a mobile phone

There are now qualified videography companies in major markets that specialize in interior, exterior, and drone footage of staged homes. With this development, it is now easier for sellers to engage potential buyers before their commitment to a walk-through.

Note: It’s important to create contents that differentiate you from the rest of the real estate crowd. This is because, at every minute, numerous videos are being uploaded to YouTube.

πŸ“± Instagram

Instagram is unique and stands out among other social media networks due to its ability to receive instant feedback on property and neighborhood photos. It works tremendously when being experimented with different hashtags, captions, or photography styles.

Instagram on mobile phone

As at the time of writing this post, Instagram remains the fastest-growing social media platform with 800 million monthly users. Sellers can utilize this platform to market their homes to this ever-expanding community

πŸ“± Snapchat

Over 178 million users patronize Snapchat daily. This social media platform has a small window to create content that captures the homebuyer’s eye. Snapchat enables house hunters to visualize what living in the space is like while showing off the property’s amenities.

snapchat on phone

➑️ Conclusion

Remember that as you market your home via the social media, you’ll create interesting, quality, impressive and compelling content that connects with potential buyers. Taking on the task of marketing your own home’s listing can be time consuming, but if you have a real estate agent on your side, they usually do this for you.
Best Social Media Platforms for Real Estate Sales
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Best Social Media Platforms for Real Estate Sales
There's no doubt that social media is the key to connecting with people all over the world. Here are the best social media platforms for real estate sales.
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