As the corona virus pandemic causes havoc across the world, educational institutions are closing. With any highly infectious disease such as the corona virus, measures to reduce the spread always come first. Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools have been affected by all of this chaos and has decided to close all their schools until further notice. This decision comes as the mayor of South Dakota Kristi Noem has ordered all non-essential businesses to close.

As of right now, the schools will only be closed until Friday May 1st. However, as news about the epidemic is constantly evolving that could change within a moment’s notice. In a statement on their official website, Bishop O’Gorman stated they will continue to listen to local & state health officials. Many schools around the country are facing the same fate which has many questioning how students will finish the school year.

💻 Keeping Parents & Students Informed

If you’re a student or parent who has a child attending Bishop O’Gorman, you can find a COVID-19 information resource center located on the website. This is a great way for concerned parents and students to stay up to date with all the latest developments surrounding the situation. Even though school is not in session, students are still required to complete their e-learning courses.

The COVID-19 information resource center on their website offers links to all of the courses students must complete. The courses are categorized by grade level which makes it easy for you to find the exact information you need. The school understands the needs of the student body and parents, they are offering assistance for individuals facing financial problems.

The school has also extended the financial aid application deadline until April 15th, 2020. This will allow students who need help still get assistance with their tuition despite the current problems.

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📋 Bishop O’Gorman Resources

Aside from financial assistance, Bishop O’Gorman schools are also offering free meal assistance to those in need. There are several different locations that you can receive a free meal. All you have to do is visit the COVID-19 information resource center and scroll down to the free meal resources section. If you need access to a wi-fi connection, the school is hosting several different locations around the area where you can use the internet for free.

Lastly, if you find yourself in need of counseling during this time, you can also gain access to therapeutic resources via the school’s website. During this difficult time, Bishop O’Gorman catholic schools are supporting the community fully. If you’re a student or parent who is looking for additional resources right now, the official Bishop O’Gorman website has everything you need.

💌 Message from Bishop O’Gorman

As people all across the world are panicking and suffering from the effects of COVID-19, the leaders at Bishop O’Gorman want to remind their students that faith comes first. The school administrators will continue to monitor the current pandemic situation and provide updates as soon as possible.

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