👪 Can You Sell a House to Your Child for One Dollar?

Frankly speaking, it is possible to sell your house to your child or anyone for any price you please. Assuming you sell a $300,000 house to a child for $1.00, you will be making a $299,999 gift at the time of the sale. Contents💰 Estate & Inheritance Taxes🚪 Seller Does Not Use or Occupy Property🏠 … Continued

🛋️ 8 Best Tips for Home Staging

A priority goal for you as a home seller is to make your home as attractive as possible so that it appeals to a broad range of potential home buyers. You can create this appealing home by staging. When you stage your home, you are making it a neutral canvas that gives buyers a chance … Continued

❓ Do I Need to Be a Real Estate Agent to Sell a Home?

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It is quite possible for someone to sell homes without being a real estate agent. Choosing the for sale by owner option (FSBO) when selling can look appealing because you may save on the commission, but is it the best move? Several websites allow homeowners to bypass listing agents and offer their homes as FSBO. If … Continued

🤔 Does the Home Buyer Meet the Seller?

You’ll find that most real estate agents caution buyers against meeting the seller of the property on a personal level. Likewise, it’s recommended that home sellers avoid communications directly with the potential home buyer. Contents🤝 Should I meet the home seller?👍 We Can Help!😔 Emotional Responses📌 Real Estate Agent Suggestion➡️ Final Points for Home Buyers … Continued

💲 How to Get the Best Price When Selling Your House

If you’re like most homeowners, you want to get the best price when selling your house. One step on the way to success is to make sure that you’ve done everything possible to make your home market ready by doing necessary repairs, renovations, and staging it properly. Contents✨ Start with a Deep Cleaning🗑️ Declutter & … Continued

🛋️ Do Home Buyers Keep Staging Items?

You want your home to catch the attention of potential home buyers right from the start and make a lasting first impression. The best way to make this happen is to stage your home to sell quickly and for more money! Contents🧐 What is Home Staging?📸 Watch for Exclusive Tips🛋️ Do Home Buyers Keep Staged … Continued

📦 Buying a Home From a Relocation Company

As a home buyer, you may be familiar with conventional homes sales, but you may not be aware of the possibility of purchasing a home through a relocation company. Relocation companies help sell the homes of those who are moving due to an out-of-town job transfer. While the process of purchasing a home that is … Continued

Sioux Falls Real Estate Market Report – January 2019

Here’s a look at the Sioux Falls Real Estate Market for January 2019. According to statistics from the REALTOR® Association of the Sioux Falls Empire, Inc., the number of new listings to come on the market has shown a decrease again this month. Read more about this month’s real estate market trends. Contents👀 A Look … Continued

🏘️ Should You Buy a Home or Rent When Downsizing?

Downsizing is a popular term used when a homeowner sells their existing home in order to buy another home that is smaller. The reasons for downsizing may include a decrease in the household’s size, a desire to change locations, or financial necessity. The homeowner who is downsizing must make an important decision before selling their … Continued