Whether you need stamps for general mail, cards, or letters, you’ll find a variety of purchasing options throughout the Sioux Falls area outside of the United States Postal Service. Let’s take a look at some of those options.

🛒 Walmart

You may head to Wal-Mart for your household needs and groceries, but you can also do things like purchase money orders and stamps at the service center. Here are a couple of locations that may be near you in Sioux Falls.

  • 3209 S. Louise Avenue in the 57106 zip code area
  • 5200 W. 60th Street N. in the 57107 zip code area
  • 5521 Arrowhead Parkway in the 57110 zip code area

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🏦 Banks

Banks have limited hours but can be a convenient place to purchase stamps while you’re running you banking errands. Banks may not have decorative or seasonal postage stamps on hand for purchase.

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💊 Pharmacies

While local pharmacies may not carry postage stamps, larger chain stores usually offer postage stamps at their registers and service centers. Check stores like Walgreens. Here are a few locations in Sioux Falls.

  • Walgreens – 3620 W. 41st Street in the 57106 zip code area
  • Walgreens – 1806 S. Minnesota Avenue in the 57105 zip code area

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🍓 Grocery Stores

You can locate stamps in nearly all the big grocery stores. However, some of the smaller stores will have stamps available, too. You can also advise your local stores to start selling postage stamps as a way to save their customers time.

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🖋️ Office Supply Stores

You can now get stamps from most office retail suppliers since they also sell things like stationary and packing supplies for mailing things. Try Office Depot, Staples, and OfficeMax. Here are a few office supply stores in Sioux Falls.

  • Office Depot – 1505 W. 41st Street in the 57105 zip code area
  • Staples – 515 W. 41st Street in the 57105 zip code area

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Where Can I Buy Postage Stamps in Sioux Falls?
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Where Can I Buy Postage Stamps in Sioux Falls?
Wondering where to find postage stamps in Sioux Falls? Check out these locations when you're looking to combine tasks and save time.
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