As a home buyer, you may be familiar with conventional homes sales, but you may not be aware of the possibility of purchasing a home through a relocation company. Relocation companies help sell the homes of those who are moving due to an out-of-town job transfer.

While the process of purchasing a home that is being sold by a relocation company has some advantages, it can be a slightly different process than a conventional home purchase. Let’s take a closer look at how relocation companies sell houses.

📦 What is a relocation company?

Larger firms and corporations often hire relocation companies to assist their transferred employees with their move. They help the employees when it comes to hiring movers, finding a rental home, and selling their current home.

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In the first stage of the process, the relocation company will help get the home listed on the real estate market. The relocation company offers advice when it comes to setting the asking price, and they help with marketing the listing.

If the property becomes difficult to sell, the relocation company may suggest that the employer purchase the home so that the employee can move forward and purchase a home in the new place. The relocation company helps with any negotiations.

Purchasing a home that is for sale through a relocation company can be beneficial because the seller is extremely motivated to complete the sale so that they can move forward. This urgency can mean shorter negotiations and a faster closing date.

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💵 Are relocation houses cheaper?

Homes that are sold through relocation companies are usually priced to sell. For this reason, you can often get a great deal on a home that may be on the higher end of your budget if it were in a conventional sale.

Relocation homes are usually in good condition because the companies managing the sale insist on any major repairs being completed before the home can be listed for sale. In some instances, they do the repairs themselves so that the property is in the best condition possible.

➡️ Buying a Relocation Home FAQ

  • The relocation company handles the negotiations on the seller’s behalf, and they will be the ones communicating with your real estate agent.
  • Relocation companies may not work on weekends, so business is conducted during the weekdays during regular work hours.

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  • You’ll want to be pre-approved for a mortgage loan and ready to make the purchase.
  • If the home is still under contract, you should be provided with the original sales contract and may need to sign additional amendments.
Buying a Home From a Relocation Company
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