🏠 Choosing the Right Home Buying Program

laughing man and woman holding house keys in front of a sold sticker on a for sale sign

Are you curious to know what the right home buying program would be for you? When you’re ready to take the joyful leap into home ownership, you’re not only imagining housing styles and features, but you’re also concerned with financing. There are a wide variety of home loans and programs available, including those specific to … Continued

🏚️How To Buy A Home At Age 20

buy house age 20

You may be wandering if it is possible to buy a home at age 20. The fact remains that it is very possible to achieve such huge feat at such an age! Several benefits and opportunities are attached to taking such a responsibility in the home market at such a young age. 💡Is it Possible … Continued

🤝Closing Costs within Real Estate Transactions

📝Closing Costs: What does this Mean? Buying a home continues to be, most likely, an individual’s most expensive life purchase. With this purchase, comes fees that some first time home buyers may not be aware of. Some specific fees that may come as a surprise entail closing costs. This blogpost will enlighten you about the … Continued