🌊 How to Buy a House in a Flood Zone

How do you buy a house in a flood zone? If you are thinking of buying a house in a flood zone, you need to take a few extra precautions to protect your property against flood damage. Before buying, invest in a good home inspector to see if the house had had prior water damage. … Continued

🏘️ First Time Home Buyers in South Dakota

1st Time Home Buyer

You’ve decided to purchase your first home.  You will now join the millions of first time home buyers! This is an exciting milestone in your life, but it can be a little intimidating. Before you start picking out curtains and planning your housewarming party there are several things to review before you start house-hunting. 🚫 … Continued

💲 How much are closing costs? [2019]

Closing Costs

The question about how much are closing costs is a popular one among home buyers. Closing costs are the fees associated with obtaining a home mortgage and are a compilation of expenses from different service providers during the home buying process. 💲 How much are closing costs? Typical closing costs are about 3% of the … Continued

🏠 Should I Make an Offer Before an Open House?

It’s not unusual for a potential home buyer to consider placing an offer on a home prior to a scheduled open house. They may feel that the home they are interested in buying will be lost to another buyer if they wait for the open house.   For a home’s seller to accept an intending … Continued

🕵️ How to Check on a House’s Selling History

One of the important considerations for buying a home of your choice is to research its past sales history. You should have an idea about when the house was last sold, how much it was sold for, and if there are multiple owners in recent years. 🔎 Check the Home’s Listing If you are here … Continued

🦅 Buying a House in the United States

If you live in another country but enjoy traveling in the United States, you may be considering a home purchase here, but is that a possibility? We do suggest that you contact us when it comes to your search for the perfect home, and we would like to offer some insight into the process of … Continued

🤔 Does the Home Buyer Meet the Seller?

You’ll find that most real estate agents caution buyers against meeting the seller of the property on a personal level. Likewise, it’s recommended that home sellers avoid communications directly with the potential home buyer. 🤝 Should I meet the home seller? Even if you feel that communication is one of your strong points, there are … Continued

📦 Buying a Home From a Relocation Company

As a home buyer, you may be familiar with conventional homes sales, but you may not be aware of the possibility of purchasing a home through a relocation company. Relocation companies help sell the homes of those who are moving due to an out-of-town job transfer. While the process of purchasing a home that is … Continued

😁All About Sioux Falls, South Dakota

🏫Countless Reasons to Live in Sioux Falls, SD Packed with a range of natural wonders, astounding beauty, exotic and mesmerizing attractions, Sioux Falls is your sure destination of choice. This is a common question being asked by many outsiders and people who are searching house and lot for sale in Sioux Falls. Moreover, there are … Continued

🤝Closing Costs within Real Estate Transactions

📝Closing Costs: What does this Mean? Buying a home continues to be, most likely, an individual’s most expensive life purchase. With this purchase, comes fees that some first time home buyers may not be aware of. Some specific fees that may come as a surprise entail closing costs. This blogpost will enlighten you about the … Continued