Should I Downsize or Sell My House & Rent? 🤔

Downsizing involves a situation where a homeowner sells and moves from their existing home to a smaller more manageable one. Although downsizing can be stressful, particularly for the elderly, it attains potential for good income to the homeowner. Many reasons surrounds the desire to downsize. Some include: financial necessity, health reasons, closer to family and … Continued

How to Promote Real Estate Property on Facebook📲


Marketing via Facebook📈 Several strategies remain in place to effectively distribute real estate Facebook advertisement campaigns. Every real estate agent knows that their skill-set must go beyond just selling a property. This industry requires dedication due to high competition. In order to breakthrough, one MUST generate leads through marketing campaigns.   Technology changes EVERYTHING! 💻 Historically, real estate … Continued

😁All About Sioux Falls, South Dakota

🏫Countless Reasons to Live in Sioux Falls, SD Packed with a range of natural wonders, astounding beauty, exotic and mesmerizing attractions, Sioux Falls is your sure destination of choice. This is a common question being asked by many outsiders and people who are searching house and lot for sale in Sioux Falls. Moreover, there are … Continued

🤝Closing Costs within Real Estate Transactions

📝Closing Costs: What does this Mean? Buying a home continues to be, most likely, an individual’s most expensive life purchase. With this purchase, comes fees that some first time home buyers may not be aware of. Some specific fees that may come as a surprise entail closing costs. This blogpost will enlighten you about the … Continued

📁How to Show Proof of Funds to Purchase a Home

One of the most important things required for real estate transaction is the proof of funds that you currently have.   Many real estate agents will be unwilling to work with you if you are unable to provide proof of funds. Providing proof of funds in estate transaction is a form of guarantee that you … Continued

🎃 Halloween Costumes for Pets – Dogs & Cats – [2017]

halloween costume for pets white dog and black dogs

Many people enjoy dressing up their lovable pets, but have you ever thought that dressing up your pets for Halloween would become a very popular part of the holiday itself? Everywhere you look, you will find Halloween costumes for pets – in the magazines you get, in the mail, to the nearest pet store; people … Continued

The City of Dell Rapids, South Dakota

The City of Dell Rapids originated from the Dells of the Wisconsin River that was likened to the local rapids on the Big Sioux River. The fifth most distinctive, densely-populated and colorful place in the state of South Dakota represents a small community. Dell Rapids residents enjoy the advantages of being close to Interstate 29 … Continued

⛪Red Door Church Sioux Falls

The Red Door Church is a local church in Sioux Falls is committed to building their church according to God’s plan. It is a real church with real people that serves a real God. They worship the God who meets the messy people and changes lives through Jesus into someone who honors and worships Him. … Continued

🍬Best Places in Sioux Falls to Buy Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy

Halloween is almost here. It’s three weeks away, you say? Unsurprisingly, Halloween is everybody’s favorite holiday. For kids, you get to do exactly what your parents tell you never to do: take candy from strangers. For everybody, it is an opportunity to get in touch with your dark side, your alternate ego.  Where is the … Continued