🤔Explanation for Zillow’s Inaccurate Home Value Estimator

To buy or sell a home remains a grand decision in someone’s life. A home purchase remains, most likely, the largest purchase a person chooses to make. Because of this significant purchase, one may think how can we make this easier? One factor that eases the, seemingly, stressful process is a trusted realtor. A realtor … Continued

🏠 How To Sell A House With Foundation Problems


Only few people who are trained as home inspectors can inspect and determine how to sell a house with foundation problems due to their rich background in house issues right from roof to the foundation. 🏘️Foundation Problems | Concerns | Q&A As per foundations problems, home inspectors could see cracks on the dry wall of … Continued

👌 8 [Tips] on How to Sell a House in a Good Market

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When we think of good real estate market, most sellers will thing that this means fast and easy money for their properties. After all, a good market means there are many buyers with little competition. And while this really is the case in most situations, a home seller still needs to be aware of several … Continued

🏠 3 [Steps] on How to Sell a House in a Divorce [2017]

One of the most unfortunate situations you can find yourself in is selling your home while you are going through a divorce. How do you go about selling a house that you both own? Remember that everyone’s individual situation is different, so you need to understand the options available for you. Below are three of … Continued

🏠How to Sell a House in a Bad Neighborhood [2017]

If you have done everything right in selling your house, and yet you still aren’t getting any offers, the problem might be your neighborhood. Sometimes, the location of the property is enough to deter buyers. Sometimes, more than just being near airports or train tracks; it can also be because of the changing landscape, layout … Continued

🏚️How to Sell a House in a Bad Market [2017]

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When the real estate market goes bad, usually take their listings off the market and wait until conditions get better. However, not everyone has the luxury of waiting and need to sell because of financial difficulties or job transfers. Selling in a bad market is not really ideal, but there are things that you can … Continued

🏚️How to Sell a House with an Agent [2017]

While it is possible to sell a property without an agent, it is highly recommended to sell a house with an agent. With a lot of information on the internet these days, many people still wonder if it is necessary to engage the service of an agent in the sale of a house. Others who desire … Continued

🏠How to Sell a House with Owner Financing [2017]

The recent changes to the economy these past few years have homeowners discovering whole new ways to sell their home. For example, many have done away with selling through a realtor and have opted to sell properties on their own. Another option that has been growing in popularity is selling a house with owner financing. … Continued