🤔 What’s the Best Strategy to Sell a House?

what is the best strategy to sell a house

There are several tactics and strategies being used by sellers to sell a home and get the top prices from buyers. Homes differ in price points ranging from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars across the United States. This post applies to all home sales, whether it is a modest or luxury … Continued

💪 Benefits of Working with a Seller’s Agent

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As a home seller, you may be asking, “What are the benefits of working with a seller’s agent?” This type of real estate agent provides value as an advocate throughout the home selling process. Let’s take a closer look at other benefits of having a seller’s agent on your side. 💲 Fair Selling Price Setting … Continued

📰 How to Advertise a Property for Sale

how to advertise a property for sale

If you want to attract potential buyers in today’s real estate market, you’ll want to embrace the power of good advertisement opportunities and marketing practices. Because selling real estate is something we do best, we want to share some insight on how to advertise a property for sale. 🖼️ Professional Photographs If you want to … Continued

💐 13 Tips to Stage Each Room of Your Home

lamp beside bed

When it comes to the process of staging your home to sell, we’ve got you covered with these 13 tips to stage each room of your home. These tips will help you maximize the strengths of your home and draw in as many potential buyers as possible. Staging your home will create a neutral background … Continued

🏡 6 Steps to Selling a House [2019]

real estate agent with for sale sign in front of house

Selling your home may seem like an intimidating task due to the legalities and emotional side of the transaction. You don’t have to go through the home selling process alone because RL Real Estate Group is here to help you throughout your selling experience. Let’s take a closer look at the six steps to selling … Continued

🏡 Open House Selling

open house sign

An open house is a popular way to showcase your home to potential buyers. Let’s take a closer look at what is involved in setting up and open house and how to make yours a success. 🏘️ What is an Open House? An open house is a scheduled time set aside for potential buyers to … Continued