☀City of Dells Rapids, South Dakota

The city took its name from the Dells of the Wisconsin River. Specifically, the name related to the local rapids on the Big Sioux River.

Welcome to Dell Rapids, South Dakota. Moreover, the home of the Dells of the Big Sioux River resides here. Also, it is the fifth most distinctive, densely-populated place in the state of South Dakota. Overall, Dell Rapids encompasses a diverse community.

The identity of Dell Rapids is tied to a rich vein of red quartzite. Impressively, the quartzite runs 2,600 feet deep and hundreds of miles between the Wisconsin Dells and eastern South Dakota. Generally speaking, the outcroppings of quartzite inspired the century-old quarry industry. Additionally, the unique downtown aesthetic and architecture was inspired by the beautiful quartzite.

🌈What is IN Dell Rapids?

Geographically, Dell Rapids and the residents enjoy the advantages of being close to Interstate 29 and Sioux Falls. However, the community still retains its rock-solid identity as home to the Dells of the Big Sioux.

Historically, Dell Rapids’ Main Street dates back to 1859 and includes various attractions. For example, the Dell Rapids Museum, and the Rose Stone Inn bed and breakfast reside in downtown Dells. Moreover, the Dells Theater has been an art deco fixture downtown since 1938.

Dell Rapids enjoys a comfortable, pleasant community, offering many opportunities in education, agriculture, commerce and industry. Albeit, Dell Rapids continues to grow with several housing developments currently being constructed.



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📚History of Dell Rapids

Dell Rapids’ history dates back to 1859. Dells obtained the name from the dells and rapids of the Big Sioux River.

Main Street Dell Rapids

In 1859, the township was surveyed. Furthermore, the town became subdivided in 1864 with the first settlement being built in 1868. In 1871, A booming period followed. Aesthetically speaking, the Dell Rapids Historic District consists of 39 buildings in the town’s business center. Moreover, the district reflects late 19th century architecture which presents a picture of what life was like in South Dakota at that time. The majority of the buildings were built before 1903. Overall, the main architectural influences include: Victorian, Romanesque, Revival and Neo Classical Revival. The striking factor of this district is the use of rose colored quartzite as a facing material for many buildings.


Located in Minnehaha country, Dell Rapids resides very close to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Surprisingly, the population was 3,633 at the 2010 census. Typically, people regard Dell Rapids as the “small town with big attractions.”

Established on the banks of the Big Sioux River, this community of 3,650 people is less than 20 miles from Sioux Falls.

Geographically, Dell Rapids, SD sits at 43.83° North latitude, 96.71° West longitude and resides 460 meters elevation above the sea level.

Diversity speaking, the racial diversity of the city involves 98.69% White, 0.13% African American, 0.47% Native American, 0.20% Asian, 0.07% from other races, and 0.44% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race was 0.64% of the population.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 2.09 square miles (5.41 Km2), of which, 2.03 square miles (5.26 Km2) is land and 0.06 square miles (0.16 Km2) is water.

Relative to zip code, Dell Rapids has been assigned the ZIP code 57022; FIPS place code 46-15980, the Area code is 605.  The population was estimated at 3,706 as at the (2015) census.

Nearby cities include Baltic, Colman, Colton, Crooks, Egan, Garretson while nearby towns are Sherman, Trent.


🏥Medical Centers in Dell Rapids

Here are some medical centers in Dell Rapids, along with their addresses, phone numbers and other contact information.

  • Dells Area Health Center

Geographically, this medical center is located at 909 Iowa Ave, Dell Rapids, SD. Contact telephone number is 6054285431.

  • Dell Rapids Dental

Dell Rapids Dental is located at 108 W 4th St, Dell Rapids, SD. Contact telephone number is 6054285471.

Streets in Dell Rapids

🙂Below are the names of streets located in the center of Dell Rapids:

4th Street, Dell Rapids

Dakota Avenue, Dell Rapids

East 10th Street, Dell Rapids

East 3rd Street, Dell Rapids

East 7th Street, Dell Rapids

East 8th Street, Dell Rapids

East 9th Street, Dell Rapids

Harrison Avenue, Dell Rapids

State Avenue, Dell Rapids

Washington Avenue, Dell Rapids

🛎Top Hotels and Motels in Dell Rapids, SD

Billmar Inn & Suites

According to past guests, Billmar Inn & Suites characterizes a beautiful motel. Conveniently, this motel sits at 510 N Highway 77, Dell Rapids, SD 57022-2010. Billmar Inn & Suites, with its familiar red-and-yellow sign strives for dependable rooms at wallet-friendly prices.

A staple for road-tripping families, truck drivers and tour groups, the motel offers complimentary morning coffee and continental breakfasts. Also, this facility offers additional perks for travelers. Whether your stay is for business or pleasure, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for at this amazing Dell Rapids, South Dakota 32-Room Property. Conveniently, the hotel involves a short25 minute drive from Sioux Falls Airport (Joe Foss Field Airport).

🌹Rose Stone Inn

This attractive hotel is located at 504 E 4th St, Dell Rapids, SD 57022-2010. The service prides itself on extreme friendliness and personal service. Rose Stone inn embodies a beautiful bed and breakfast. Located in the heart of historic Dell Rapids, SD, this hotel provides guests with a lovely view and easy access to activities. Initially, the hotel accommodated traveling salesman, arriving from the railroad.

Primarily, the building, constructed from quartzite, continues to be referred to as rose stone by Native Americans of the area. Impressively, the unique building hosts guests from 20 different countries from as far away as China and all 50 states.

📚Dell Rapids Historic Carnegie library

Are you a book lover? The Carnegie Public Library involves the culmination of a 10-year effort by the leading women in Dell Rapids. Overall, residents recognized the need for a modern library constructed in town. On March 16, 1910, the leading women attained a honorable dedication from the library.

Dell Rapids’ Historic Carnegie Library

Generally, the library provides a variety of materials. Specially, materials include: books, magazines, newspapers, books on tape, videos, and large-print books.

In essence, the mission of the Carnegie Public Library of Dell Rapids is to uphold the public’s freedom of access to information. Furthermore, the library strives to promote the use of materials and services. Additionally, the needs of all types of people are taken care of at the Carnegie Library.

🎤The Grand Opera House

One of Dell Rapids’ grandest buildings is the Opera House built in 1888. This beautiful building incorporates round-topped windows, decorative stepped cornice, and original entrance doors! Comfortably set, the Grand resides within the Dell Rapids Historic District.

The Grand Opera House

This South Dakota city invites residents to host events in a magnificent, grandiose style. Facilities available within the Dell Rapids Grand Opera House include: The Grand Theater, The Belmont Dining Room and The Concord Lounge.

Entertainment wise, plays, symphonies, concerts and dances take place in Dell Rapids. Additionally, these activities, combined with an historic atmosphere, provides a sense of nostalgia in the town. Don’t worry, downtown provides a full bar, coffee and desserts. Yet, a limited menu selection is served to coincide with events.

📜Dell Rapids Museum

Located at 407 E 4th St Dell Rapids, SD 57022, your experience at the Dell Rapids Museum will be dominated by the museum’s biggest attraction, and arguably the best.

Dell Rapids Museum

Dell Rapids Museum was established and is operated to remember and learn from history. Moreover, is is vital to appreciate those who gave the stories to tell from the Dell Rapids area.

Likewise, museum remains an anchors of the Dell Rapids Historic Business District. Functionally, the meeting place provides a nostalgic feeling, especially during Christmas in Dells.

👙Dell Rapids Pool House

A summertime hot spot, Dell Rapids attains a popular pool house. In 2008, the City of Dell Rapids built a new pool house to meet the needs of the swimming public.

In addition, the pool includes a water slide and a separate wading pool area. Weather depending, the pool opens around June 1 every year and is open seven days a week until the school year resumes in late August. Hours are 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. Finally, adult-only swimming runs daily from 5-6 p.m.

⛺The City Of Dell Rapids Campground

In reality, Dell Rapids’ Campground is located on the south side of the Big Sioux River and on the west side of South Garfield Avenue. Conversely, the campground provides a rustic relaxing camping experience in our city limits but within a beautifully serene park along the Big Sioux River.

City of Dell Rapids Campground

It features 15 campsites with individual electric panels, access to water (no sewer), a picnic table and a fire ring. The campground also features a playground, access to a newly installed recreational trail with a pedestrian bridge that crosses the Big Sioux River.  Also, the campground is in close proximity to other scenic city parks. Moreover, the park resides within walking distance of historic downtown Dell Rapids.

🍿The Dells Theater

The Dells Theater is the Sioux Falls area’s best theater experience and value! This beautifully restored 1938 art deco theater is located on Dell Rapids Main Street.

Conveniently, one takes I-29 or Cliff Avenue to the Dell Rapids exit just 15 minutes north of I-90. Entertainment-wise, you can enjoy first-run hit movies at a bargain price in modern comfort with digital projection. Additionally, 7.1 stereo sound in classic cinema style provides for a nostalgic experience.

☕LaDelle and Fourth Coffeehouse

Looking for an aesthetically pleasing coffee shop? Look no further! Charmingly, this quaint coffee house attains with unique features on Dell Rapids’ main street.

LaDelle and Fourth Coffeehouse is located at 336 E 4th St, Dell Rapids, SD 57022. The delicious menu features breakfast food, salads, and sandwiches with daily specials. Specifically, drinks include lattes, frappes and coffee. Also, a kid’s menu remains available. Besides, the building incorporates a great boutique inside it with. Excitingly, the shop attains an adorable play area for children.



Food-wise, Dell Rapids attains a variety of choices for residents and visitors. Listed below, you can find an array of dining options.

Acoustic Hall

Acoustic Hall is located at 47381 246th St, Dell Rapids, SD 57022. You can contact them on tel:+16054283590.

El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant

El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant is located at 425 E 4th St, Dell Rapids, South Dakota, USA, 57022-1927. You can contact them on tel:+16054284401.

Cricket’s Catering

Cricket’s Catering is located at 401 N Clark Ave, Dell Rapids, South Dakota, USA, 57022. You can contact them on tel:+16056719220.

Pizza Ranch

Pizza Ranch is located at 500 W 4th St, Dell Rapids, South Dakota, USA, 57022.  You can contact them on tel:+16054285967.

Dells Bowl & Cafe

Dells Bowl & Cafe is located at 320 E 4th St, Dell Rapids, South Dakota, USA, 57022.   You can contact them on tel:+16054283800.

Norbys Bar

Norbys Bar is located at 329 E 4th St, Dell Rapids, South Dakota, USA, 57022-1925.  You can contact them on tel:+16054283089.

⛽Gas stations

Overall, gas stations provide customers with convenient locations and fair prices. In Dell Rapids, you will find a list of popular gas stations below.


Shell is located at 700 N Garfield Ave, Dell Rapids, SD 57022. You can contact them on tel:605-428-3774.

Casey’s General Store

Casey’s General Store is located at 309 W 4th St Dell Rapids; SD 57022. You can contact them on tel:605-428-3476.

T & C Mobile

T & C Mobile is located at 402 N Highway 77, Dell Rapids; SD 57022.You can contact them on tel:605-428-3042.


Cubbys is located at 220 N Highway 115, Dell Rapids, SD 57022. You can contact them on tel: 605-428-3388.

🎮Departmental stores, Drug stores, Videos & Video Game Rental

Departmental stores

Dollar Smart, located at 428 E 4th St, Dell Rapids, SD 57022.  Phone number (605) 428-4300.

Drug stores

Lewis Family Drug, located at 335 E 4th St, Dell Rapids, SD 57022. Phone number (605) 428-5540.

Videos & Video Game Rental

Video Plus, located at 507 N Highway 77 Dell Rapids, SD 57022. Phone number (605) 428-5800.


Educationally speaking, Dell Rapids is home to two separate school systems. The two institutions include: Dell Rapids public school system and St. Mary’s, a private Catholic school.

School-wise, the public school system includes Dell Rapids High School, a middle school, and elementary. Other education choices includes an alternative secondary-education institution. Moreover, the mascot of the public school district is the “Quarriers”, named after the large rose quartz rock quarry that is also in Dell Rapids. St. Mary’s school also includes St. Mary High School, a middle school, and elementary school.  On the other hand, the mascot of the St. Mary school district is the “Cardinals”.

📍Map of Dell Rapids, South Dakota



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