There’s something completely amazing about being part of an agent-owned real estate company that is obsessed with your success. I want to share what makes eXp Realty stand out from the crowd when it comes to health insurance, commission splits, stock prices, revenue shares, and more!

📛 What does eXp stand for in eXp Realty?

One of the toughest things to do when you’re starting a business is to decide on a name that is compelling and expressive. The name has to tell people what you’re about and give some clue as to what they can expect from your business.

So, what does eXp Realty stand for? How did the founder choose this name from all other options?

The founder of eXp Realty, Glenn Sanford, knew that expansion was the key to making a significant impact in the real estate world that would allow him to help others grow. The network continues to grow and expand at a phenomenal rate each year.

🌼 What does eXp Realty stand for?

Now that we know what the eXp in eXp Realty means, let’s take a look at what eXp Realty stands for when it comes to business ideals. A company is only as strong as the core values that build the foundation for growth. What are eXp Realty’s core values? I’m glad you asked!

  • Service
  • Sustainability
  • Collaboration
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Agile
  • Fun
  • Community
exp realty core values

📋 Introduction to eXp Realty [VIDEO]

😏What are eXp Realty Commission Splits?

If being treated reasonably is vital to you, you’ll appreciate the integrity in which eXp Realty operates when it comes to commission splits. All eXp Realty real estate agents are treated the same when it comes to commission splits regardless of their time with the company, sales volume, or other criteria.

Once you reach the agent cap, you’ll pay $250 per transaction until you’ve paid $5,000 in transaction fees, and then you’ll pay $75 per transaction for the rest of the anniversary year. When it comes to risk management fees, the agent pays per transaction the price set for their state, but they no longer pay a risk management fee for the rest of their anniversary year once they pay $500 in risk management fees.

If you live within the United States, you’ll pay $25 per transaction for a broker review fee. Canadian agents pay $29 per transaction. There is no cap on the broker review fee.

📈 What is eXp Realty stock price?

A public company since 2013, eXp Realty is committed to sharing the company’s equity with real estate agents. eXp Realty built the initial Agent Equity Award program with growth in mind and recently added a Sustainable Equity Plan to replace the Agent Equity Award program.

Those agents who are new to eXp Realty benefit from their first transaction with $200 in eXp World Holdings common stock. An agent receives $400 worth of stock once they reach their cap.

For helping someone join the company, you can receive $400 worth of stock once that agent closes their first transaction. That’s what we call being supportive of another agent’s goals!

🤔 How can I ask you questions, Regan?

There’s nothing I want more than to help you succeed in your real estate business. I want to see you expand your horizons and reach new heights when it comes to your professional goals. Let’s set up a time when we can get your questions answered!

In a hurry? Give me a call or text me at 605-212-8431.

🤔 Does eXp Realty offer health insurance?

When I say that eXp Realty is obsessed with your success, I mean that! They are committed to providing the best choices to keep your business and YOU healthy. All U.S. eXp Realty agents are offered innovative and affordable healthcare options.

❓What CRM does eXp Realty use?

KVCore is part of the package you receive when you become a real estate agent with eXp Realty. What’s interesting about KVCore is that it’s a CRM and lead generation website. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps you manage your leads and do things like sending texts, utilize drip email campaigns, and connect with your clients easily.

🧐What other business tools are offered by eXp Realty?

There are beneficial tools available to all eXp Realty real estate agent that can help grow their businesses. Let’s take a closer look at the best tools and services offered.

📌 eXp Enterprise – Business Intelligence

This easy to use interface provides access to your agent details, commissions, cap status, and equity reports. You’ll receive real-time performance reports that are valuable when evaluating goals.

📌 SkySlope – Transaction Management

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a cloud-based tool that helped you manage your transactions efficiently? We have good news! SkySlope gives you the ability to review transactions from any device, sign paperwork digitally, and follow the entire process paperless. The system includes top-grade security features.

📌 Workplace by Facebook

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends, so it makes sense that we took it to the next level for collaborations between eXp Realty agents! You can share important announcements, participate in discussions, communicate with your team, and go live with videos that are archived.

🧐Does eXp Realty provide leads?

The website that is provided gives you a platform to build your brand. You can create landing pages that help you generate leads. Use the pages on social media to reach buyers and sellers. Not sure how to generate leads using the tools you get as an eXp Realty real estate agent?

I have good news for you! We work within the power of a cloud-based company atmosphere that is agent owned, is dedicated to valuable training, and offers a successful team foundation.

🔍What is a cloud-based real estate brokerage? [eXp World]

A cloud-based brokerage operates using virtual resources and provides its services with the help of the internet. Central servers are used to connect remote real estate agents to company resources. Two of the advantages of this remote technology is the lower cost of operations and an increase in profitability for the agents.

Because of the cloud-based system in place, real estate agents can offer full-service benefits to their clients, create more listings, and increase sales. The cloud-based platform provides better opportunities for sharing knowledge and social connections.

🤝What are eXp Realty teams?

An eXp Realty team is one that consists of one lead agent or team leader or one that has one or more licensed agents that work as team members with a teaming agreement. The terms of these agreements are to be mutually agreed upon and submitted in writing.

🙂What is eXp Realty revenue share?

When you refer an agent to eXp Realty, you receive a commission on their sales. This commission is called a revenue share and is part of the eXp Realty Revenue Share Program. The best part of this revenue share is that eXp Realty pays the commission amount, it does not come from the agent.

There’s a tiered benefit when you help other real estate agents find their place for success within eXp Realty. Sharing the joy of working as an eXp Realty agent is easy when you genuinely believe in the positive benefits of being an eXp Realty real estate agent.

Let’s look at the numbers behind the Revenue Share Program. Let’s say that the real estate agent that joined the company from your recommendation receives a $20,000 commission. As the agent who referred them, you receive a revenue share commission of 3.5%, which would be $700. The program has seven levels that determine the amount of revenue share you gain at each tiered level.

LevelseXpansion Share
Active Personally
Recruited Agents
eXponential Share
Total Share
Received for Each
Capped Agent

Imagine working within a dynamic culture that believes in supporting your career growth and financial goals. That’s the exact kind of environment you’ll be stepping into when you decide to become an eXp Realty real estate agent.

🤔Is eXp Realty an agent-owned brokerage?

Yes! When Glenn Sanford founded eXp Realty in 2009, he believed that real estate agents and brokers who did the major work in the real estate industry should be shareholders and receive income based on their level of contribution. Due to this belief, he established the first cloud-based brokerage.

Your voice is essential in the success of this agent-owned real estate brokerage, and the Agent Advisory Council (AAC) represents the collective view of all agents. Comprised of 12 eXp Realty agents and brokers who are nominated, the Agent Advisory Council has members from different locations and production levels.

🤔Is eXp Realty a good company?

Choosing a career in real estate can be exciting, but it can also be stressful if you feel alone in a sea of competition. The best thing about joining eXp Realty as a new real estate agent is that you are not alone.

You enter a growing family of supportive team members, mentors, and other real estate agents who are cheering for you to succeed. Access to educational material, training classes, and live videos that can help you achieve your goals will be at your disposal.

A dedicated mentor assigned to you that will help you find your way! Your screened and trained mentor works with real estate agents in your local area, which means they understand the laws and real estate requirements where you live, no matter where other team members live.

eXp Realty mentor concept -  two women at a computer

🧐What is an ICON agent at eXp Realty?

Earning the prestigious eXp Realty ICON Agent Award is within your reach! Once you join eXp Realty as a real estate agent, you are coming into an exciting and supportive team culture where you’ll be encouraged to succeed and reach milestones within your anniversary year.

When you reach specific cultural and production goals within your anniversary year, you’ll be qualified for eXp World Holdings common stock. The first cultural goal is to serve on a panel, serve on a committee, or teach a class.

Another cultural goal is to promote eXp Realty in your community. Production requirements include an annual commission income of a certain amount and a minimum number of closed transactions.

💵 Get Rewarded for Helping People Grow!

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