Selling a home is a big decision because it involves one of the biggest investments of your life. Because your house is such a significant investment piece, you’ll want to make the home selling process less stressful by having a trusted real estate agent on your side.

Your real estate agent represents your best interest throughout the transaction. We want to begin this trusted relationship by sharing something with you that can help make pricing your home more successful. The truth is that the home value tools you find on sites like Zillow, Trulia, and are not as accurate as you may think.

😟 Can you Trust a Zillow Zestimate?

Zillow remains the most popular and visited real estate website in the United States. With 36 million monthly visits, Zillow serves a variety of visitors due to the high functionality and clean presentation.

explanation for Zillow's Inaccurate home value estimator

Curious users search phrases like, “What is my home worth?” and “How much is my house worth?” and Zillow confidently promises a value. Many users become disappointed when meeting with a real estate agent who provides them with an accurate estimate that clashes with Zillow’s Zestimate.

Anticipate potential setbacks when utilizing Zillow’s home value estimator because they base their home value estimates on national market trends instead of the real estate market reports that mean something in your local area. Those estimates do not take into consideration the unique characteristics of your neighborhood and property.

When completing a home value search, Zillow may be the first one listed by Google, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t question the validity of their numbers. In fact, you may find that local listings don’t show up as they should on sites like Trulia and Zillow.

❓ What is News Corp?

News Corp is a mass media company that owns, but why is News Corp important? In 2014, News Corp purchased ListHub, which serves as a tool to pull local real estate listings from their multiple listing services (MLS).

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ListHub sends home listings to real estate websites from the MLS, which allows real estate agents to upload new listings with prices, photographs, and property details. Once a real estate agent creates a listing via the MLS and marks it as active, ListHub pulls the data and sends it to assigned websites.

🃏 How is News Corp Playing Dirty?

At the time of the purchase, Zillow and Trulia utilized the data from ListHub on their websites to show listings, but ListHub threw a wrench into the works when they denied access to listings. Without the real estate listing feeds, Zillow and Trulia were unable to update their websites with new and active listing information.

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Ultimately, this meant that Zillow and Trulia were unable to provide consumers with accurate information on home values. Because of the crushing loss of data, Zillow filed a restraining order against ListHub when news spread that the contract with Trulia would be cut early. Of course, this rash defense tactic showcased Zillow’s desperation for reliable data.

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😈 How did Zillow and Trulia React to News Corp?

What would you do if a company cut you off from valuable resources that could mean the end of your business? What did Zillow and Trulia do? They decided that since News Corp played dirty, it was time to employ a strategy that involved stealing data from

Zillow and Trulia proved that two wrongs didn’t make a right when their actions ended up impacting real estate agents negatively because they were stealing their data, the listings provided by local Multiple Listing Services. The drama between these big companies shows clearly that the bigger named consumer real estate companies refuse to play fair because money became more important than providing accurate and honest information.

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⚖️ How Can I Know How Much My Home is Worth?

Although Zillow and Trulia put money behind making their website platforms attractive to potential home buyers and sellers, their lack of trusted information means that they aren’t the best resources when it comes to home value estimates. It’s better to use a home valuation tool that is hosted by a local real estate agent.

If you’re looking to sell a home in Sioux Falls, it’s best to use a home valuation tool like the one you’ll find on the RL Real Estate Group’s website. If you’re hoping to purchase a home, you can be sure that the listings you search on our website are accurate and updated.

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Our website updates every 15 minutes with new listings based on Sioux Falls’ MLS and by investing your time to gather information from a trusted, local real estate agent like Regan, you are supporting the local real estate market’s growth.

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A key component to set the asking price for your home correctly from the start is research. While you may find the functionality of Zillow or Trulia works, you won’t see the most accurate information for your research.

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If accuracy, efficiency, and timely updates appeal to your research needs, you’ll find that information right here on our website and by talking to us directly. Why is accuracy so essential to us at RL Real Estate?

We live in Sioux Falls, and we are invested in the success of residents in this area. For this reason, you’ll find local information and resources on our website right alongside the content provided for home buyers and home sellers.

🤔 Zillow, Trulia, & in Sioux Falls

We understand that you may think we have a selfish motive in revealing the less than accurate and deceptive tools on well-known websites like Zillow, Trulia, and We want to reassure you that our purpose is to make sure you receive the best information possible when buying or selling a home in Sioux Falls because that activity impacts the local economy for us all.

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Selling a home in Sioux Falls is different than selling a home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but how would a national company know what’s unique and timely when it comes to a neighborhood in our community? They wouldn’t, but we do because we live here right alongside you. We are your neighbors.

The real estate market is not one-size fits all when it comes to home values. The market is always changing and evolving, and there’s no way that a company with such a broad focus could ever compete with what we know as local real estate agents. We understand the importance of accurate information.

👁️ Estimates are NOT Accurate [RESOURCES]

Ryan Fitzgerald is the real estate agent in Raleigh-Durham, NC who inspired the necessity for this blog post and shared his view on Zillow’s Home Value Estimator here: Home Value Estimator and MISSING Real Estate Listings.

Cory Nickerson is a broker associate at Louisville Realty Associates, and he asks Zillow users to be wary of their home value estimator. Read his thoughts here: Your Real Estate Agent Hates Zillow, but Not for the Reasons You May Think.

Christina Goetjen is a real estate agent who further affirms why many real estate agents dislike Zillow and Trulia in her blog on Why Real Estate Agents Hate Zillow, Trulia, and RedFin.

📹 Dave Ramsey – Use a Real Estate Agent [VIDEO]

🤷 Who Can You Trust?

After reading about the inaccuracy that sites like Zillow, Trulia, and present when you ask for a home value estimate, we hope you feel that you can trust us to provide you with helpful, honest details when you’re searching for information about selling your home. Big companies do not value your business or listen to your needs the way that we do.

💭 Final Thoughts from Regan Laughlin

There are countless tools available for home sellers and buyers across the internet, but the bottom line is that a national company will never provide you the personal attention that we can at RL Real Estate. We are dedicated to honesty and accuracy when it comes to all the information we provide to our valued clients.

Understand that if you use sites like Zillow, Trulia, and, you are taking a risk with one of your biggest investments, and we don’t want to see you lose out on opportunities due to bad estimates and incorrect details. We genuinely care about your home selling experience.
We can help sell your home!
We can help market your home’s listing to reach as many potential buyers as possible. We’ll be with you from the start through the closing and beyond! ☎️ Call us at 605-212-8431. 📱 You can also text us!
Explanation for Zillow’s Inaccurate Home Value Estimator
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Explanation for Zillow’s Inaccurate Home Value Estimator
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