As a real estate agent, I am aware of several strategies that can help when it comes to getting your real estate listing in front of potential home buyers. One of the best ways to reach a broad range of buyers is to utilize Facebook’s ad feature to run campaigns that showcase your home for sale.

The real estate industry is highly competitive, so you need a real estate agent who understands that vital role that social media plays in marketing your property listing. We use Facebook to target the right people who are searching for a home that is just like yours.

📰 Finding Potential Home Buyers

Facebook is a perfect option to advertise specific levels of targeting. Once we have configured the objectives of your campaign, the different targeting options can be used to layer on precise options and ensure we’re showing your ads to the right audience.

We can set specific targets that include zip code, age ranges, home ownership, and income. We can also use the target range to look for people who are most likely to be moving at this time.

📹 Using Video on Facebook

Adding a video to showcase a home that is for sale us underutilized in the real estate industry, but we know that it’s a highly effective method of creating interest and reaching potential buyers in today’s real estate market. Studies show that properties that are listed with a video receive more attention than those without one.

Videos give buyers a chance to see your property in a way that enhances their experience. Some videos are interactive and allow the buyer to move around the house in a virtual tour, which makes videos a powerful tool on Facebook.

🖊️ Facebook Testimonials & Reviews

One of the best features that Facebook provides is a review option for people to leave their thoughts on service and products. We use these positive reviews and testimonials to show that we are reliable and add an element of trust for potential buyers who are looking at your real estate listing.

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📷 Benefits of High Quality Photos

We recommend using a professional photographer to get the best photographs to use in your home’s for sale listing. You get one chance to make a first impression and that first impression is more likely to be from a photograph than the first visit to your home.

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A professional photographer knows how to use lighting and angles to maximize the potential of your home’s style. We’ll use these images to create appealing Facebook ads that reach potential buyers and create a lasting impression that makes them want to see more.

👍 We Can Help!

We would love a chance to show you how we can help sell your home and reach more potential buyers! Call the RL Real Estate Group today at 605-212-8431 or reach out to us here!
How We Use Facebook to Promote Your Real Estate Listing
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How We Use Facebook to Promote Your Real Estate Listing
We know the power of Facebook and other social media platforms. Find out how we use that knowledge to reach potential buyers when selling your home.
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