A home value could have a different meaning for a tax assessor, appraiser, or a homeowner. However, in layman’s language, a home value is simply the price at which a house would fetch in the market if it were sold at that very moment. That is otherwise called the market value of the home.

🤔 What is a Home Value Estimator?

A home value estimator is a tool responsible for estimating the value of your house at that particular moment. It will tell the exact estimates of the market price that a home would fetch if sold by the owner. The price depends on several factors, including the location and how long the house has been in existence.

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💵 How do I know the value of my home?

Finding the value of your home is quite essential for pricing purposes. Here are some of the effective ways to determine your home’s worth:

  • Using the valuation tools found online. We have a free one!
  • You could decide to seek the services of a professional appraiser. They will give you an estimate of your home value at the moment.
  • Apply the house price index calculator.
  • Look for comparative market analysis. We do these, too!

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📵 Is Zillow accurate for home values?

Zillow is among the popular databases found online for real estate. Many have been left in a dilemma, not knowing whether it is accurate for their home estimates or it is not. Well, the answer is Zillow might not be that accurate.

The reason is that Zillow uses data from other sources, and if the other sources are outdated, then the Zestimates from Zillow will be wrong. Mistakes could occur in the tax assessments, and Zestimates could fail to capture improvements done by the homeowner making the information inaccurate.

📊 What is the most accurate site for home values?

The best place to get an accurate home value estimation is right here! We live in Sioux Falls and understand the local real estate market. We’ve seen the rise and fall of home values, and we can help you determine the most accurate estimation based on a more comprehensive home value report.

START HERE ➡️ Fill in a few basic details about your property to get a beginning estimate. Next, we’ll connect with you to go over upgrades you’ve made and discuss local market fluctuations that may add value to your home.
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