O’Gorman Junior High School | Mission Statement


To form a community of faith and learning by promoting a Catholic way of life through gospel values and academic excellence.


O’Gorman Junior High School | Hours, Address, Phone, Map

Website: http://www.sfcss.org/ogjh/

Address: 3100 West 41st Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Phone Number: (605) 988-0546

Hours of Operation:

O’Gorman Junior High School | Staff

Headed by Principal Wade Charron, the O’Gorman Junior High School is composed of a dynamic staff working together to ensure the overall growth and development of the students.


  1. Susan Anderson, Theology, sanderson@SFCSS.ORG
  2. Deb Blatchford, Food Service,
  3. Ryan Beier, Physical Education/Health, rbeier@SFCSS.ORG
  4. Ruth Bordewyk, Language Arts, rbordewyk@SFCSS.ORG
  5. Wade Charron, Principal, wcharron@SFCSS.ORG
  6. Zach Cole, Science, zcole@sfcss.org
  7. Julie Cullen, Food Services Site Manager, jcullen@sfcss.org
  8. Lisha Edelen, Language Arts, ledelen@SFCSS.ORG
  9. Randy Edwards, Custodian,
  10. Spencer Flakus, Academic Services Coordinator, sflakus@SFCSS.ORG
  11. Kristi Hansen, Library Coordinator, khansen@sfcss.org
  12. Jody Hatzell, Science, JHatzell@SFCSS.ORG
  13. Kurt Hoagland, Food Service,
  14. Jake Ferdinand, Computer Technology, jferdinand@sfcss.org
  15. Carrie Johnson, Food Service,
  16. Doreen Jorgenson, Food Service,
  17. Angela Kamps, Art, AKAMPS@SFCSS.ORG
  18. Melanie Kirsch, Math, MKirsch@SFCSS.ORG
  19. Paulette Klein, Math/Theology, PKlein@SFCSS.ORG
  20. Sharla Larson, Band Instrumental, slarson@SFCSS.ORG
  21. Patricia Lien, Food Service,
  22. Amy Lynch, Math/Science, Amylynch@SFCSS.ORG
  23. Angela Lynch, Career Explorations, ALynch@SFCSS.ORG
  24. Julie Manning, Language Arts, JManning@SFCSS.ORG
  25. Susan McCoy, Administrative Asst./Study Hall, SMcCoy@SFCSS.ORG
  26. Amy Muller, Social Science, amuller@sfcss.org
  27. Heather Nelson, Band, HNelson@SFCSS.ORG
  28. Jim Nelson, Head Custodian, nelson@sfcss.org
  29. Mike Neufeld, Social Science, mneufeld@SFCSS.ORG
  30. Carol Nichols, Administrative Assistant, CNichols@SFCSS.ORG
  31. John Nohr, Social Science/Language Arts, JNohr@SFCSS.ORG
  32. Alison Ohayon, Spanish/World Language, AOhayon@SFCSS.ORG
  33. Michelle Wolf, Academic Services EA,  mwolf@sfcss.org
  34. Jessica Perkins, Orchestra Instructor, jperkins@SFCSS.ORG
  35. Tom Price, Mathematics, TPrice@SFCSS.ORG
  36. Kristin Pollema, Academic Services Coordinator, kpollema@SFCSS.ORG
  37. Jennifer Rangel, Academic Services EA, jrangel@SFCSS.ORG
  38. Anita Rau, Counselor, ARau@SFCSS.ORG
  39. Anika Rodig, German, arodig@sfcss.org
  40. Joseph Scholten, Chaplain, frjosephscholten@sfcatholic.org
  41. Jim Shook, Custodian,
  42. Sue Sommervold, Theology/PE/Health, ssommervold@sfcss.org
  43. Lindsey Ussery, Exploring Music/Choir, lussery@sfcss.org

O’Gorman Junior High School | Calendar

Listed below are the activities of O’Gorman Junior High School for the year 2018.

Date: THURSDAY, JANUARY 25, 2018

Activity: OGJH School Visit

Time: 1:15 pm-2:40 pm

Location: O’Gorman Junior High School


Date: MONDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2018

Activity: 6th Grade Parent Information Night

Time: 7:00 pm-8:15pm

Location: O’Gorman Junior High School



Activity: Band Solo Festival

Time: 8:00 am-4:00pm

Location: O’Gorman Junior High School



O’Gorman Junior High School | History


In 1998, Bishop Robert Carlson and the SFCS School Board established the first centralized Catholic junior high in Sioux Falls. O’Gorman Junior High was founded and occupied what was once the former minor seminary building near O’Gorman High School. After extensive remodeling, improvements were made to accommodate the 400 students attending O’Gorman Junior High School. Also added were a music room, gymnasium and locker rooms.


O’Gorman Junior High School | School Program

O’Gorman is committed to helping students develop, academically, socially and spiritually, continuously challenging them to become the best they can be. With a strong faith community, students are required to say daily prayers, attend masses, say the rosary and take religion courses in seventh and eighth grade. The school ensures that the values of Christ are promoted in all the things that they do.


O’Gorman Junior High School | Parent Information

As primary educators of their children, parents are encouraged to participate in the education of their children by promoting positive attitudes;showing respect for school personne;, supporting the school policies; promoting family prayer and faith traditions at home; and volunteering and giving service to the school and parish


O’Gorman Junior High School | Community-Building Activities


Students at O’Gorman Junior High School are required to service their family, community and church. They need to complete 12 hours of service in the whole school year. Each quarter, students need to serve an hour of church service, an hour of community service, and an hour of family service.


O’Gorman Junior High School | Student Information

About 90 percent of the students in O’Gorman Junior High School are involved in a kind of co-curricular activity. The school offers a wide range of opportunities for involvement, including athletics, performing arts and campus ministry. All students are encouraged to be actively involved in their schooling.O’Gorman Junior High School established to goals of participation, skill development and competition.




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