St. Mary School | Mission Statement

To form a community of faith and learning by promoting a Catholic way of life through gospel values and academic excellence.


St. Mary School | Hours, Address, Phone, Map


Address: 2001 S 5th Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Phone Number: (605) 334-9881, Fax: (605) 334-9224

Hours of Operation:


St. Mary School | Staff

Headed by Principal Michelle Shields, St. Mary School is composed of a dynamic staff working together to ensure the overall growth and development of the students.

  1. Mary Ann Andress, Preschool Teacher, MAndress@SFCSS.ORG
  2. Oliver Barnes, After School Care TA,
  3. Becky Basche, Administrative Assistant, BBasche@SFCSS.ORG
  4. Catherine Bohms, EA/Before School Care TA, CBohms@SFCSS.ORG
  5. Jordyn Bosseler, Preschool Teacher/Before and After School Care Coordinator, Bosseler@SFCSS.ORG
  6. Amy Caba, Kindergarten, ACaba@SFCSS.ORG
  7. Jill Casey, Preschool Teacher, JCasey@SFCSS.ORG
  8. Jill Chapman, Preschool EA, JChapman@SFCSS.ORG
  9. Hallee Cronin, Preschool Teacher, HCronin@SFCSS.ORG
  10. Joan Deutsch, After School Care TA,
  11. McKenzie Docken, 3rd Grade, MDocken@SFCSS.ORG
  12. Don Dorn, Custodian,
  13. Grace Eisenberg, 2nd Grade, GEisenberg@SFCSS.ORG
  14. Michelle Estes, Enrichment, MEstes@SFCSS.ORG
  15. Mason Faber, After School Care TA,
  16. Jeanice Finnegan, 6th Grade, JFinnegan@SFCSS.ORG
  17. Julia Fischer, Educational Assistant, JFischer@SFCSS.ORG
  18. Anna Geier, Kindergarten, AGeier@SFCSS.ORG
  19. Diane Greene, Food Service,
  20. Maddy Grogan, 1st Grade, MaGrogan@SFCSS.ORG
  21. Mary T. Grogan, 2nd Grade, MGrogan@SFCSS.ORG
  22. Rosemary Hammond, Food Service,
  23. Jenica Haraldson, Art Teacher, JHaraldson@SFCSS.ORG
  24. Mary Anne Hexamer, 4th Grade, MHexamer@SFCSS.ORG
  25. Anita Hoffmann, 1st Grade, AHoffmann@SFCSS.ORG
  26. Kevin Humke, Vocal Teacher, KHumke@SFCSS.ORG
  27. Amy Isaacson, Academic Services/Achievement Acad., AIsaacson@SFCSS.ORG
  28. Chris Isaacson, Computer Instructor, CIsaacson@SFCSS.ORG
  29. Cena Keller, Preschool Educational Assistant, CKeller@SFCSS.ORG
  30. Ann Krier, 6th Grade, AKrier@SFCSS.ORG
  31. Jane Larson, After School Care TA,
  32. Sharla Larson, Instrumental Instructor, SLarson@SFCSS.ORG
  33. Janet Liesinger, Cashier,
  34. Carmella Luke, 4th Grade, CLuke@SFCSS.ORG
  35. Cathy Lutzvick, Educational Assistant, CLutzvick@SFCSS.ORG
  36. Donna Matzen, Educational Assistant, DMatzen@SFCSS.ORG
  37. Diane McComber, After School Care TA,
  38. Jan McEntee, 3rd Grade, JMcEntee@SFCSS.ORG
  39. Jennifer Mieras, 5th Grade, JMieras@SFCSS.ORG
  40. Susan Monick, Academic Services, SMonick@SFCSS.ORG
  41. Jackie Nygaard, After School Care TA,
  42. Joan Olson, Before and After School Care TA/Educational Assistant, JOlson@SFCSS.ORG
  43. Tali Paulson, Counselor, TPaulson@SFCSS.ORG
  44. Mary Beth Piatt, Food Service Site Manager, MPiatt@SFCSS.ORG
  45. Debra Picasso, Library Coordinator/EA, DPicasso@SFCSS.ORG
  46. Jackie Prostrollo, EA/After School Care TA, JHaiar@SFCSS.ORG
  47. Derek Robey, Physical Education, DRobey@SFCSS.ORG
  48. Michelle Shields, Principal, MShields@SFCSS.ORG
  49. Rose Smit, Preschool Educational Assistant, RSmit@SFCSS.ORG
  50. Shelly Starr, Preschool Educational Assistant, SStarr@SFCSS.ORG
  51. Steve Strouth, Food Service,
  52. Kortney Temple, Orchestra Instructor, KTemple@SFCSS.ORG
  53. Lisa Tiensvold, Educational Assistant,
  54. Katie Travis, 5th Grade, KTravis@SFCSS.ORG
  55. Jim Volk, Custodian,

St. Mary School | Calendar

Listed below are the activities of St. Mary School for the year 2018.

Date: TUESDAY, JANUARY 23, 2018

Activity: Ovation! Tour

Time: 10:15 am-11:45 am

Location: St. Mary School



Activity: Preschool/Kindergarten Open House

Time: 5:30pm-7:00 pm

Location: St. Mary School


Date: TUESDAY, MARCH 6, 2018

Activity: OGJH Jazz Band and Show Choir Visit

Time: 10:00 am-11:00 am

Location: St. Mary School


Date: TUESDAY, MARCH 13, 2018

Activity: Water Festival

Time: 11:50 am-2:10 pm

Location: St. Mary School


St. Mary School | History

Since it opened more than 50 years ago, St. Mary School has consistently dedicated itself to its tradition of excellence in Catholic education. The St. Mary Parish is supportive of the school and serves as its partner is giving quality and faith-based education to the students. Today, St. Mary School offers grades Pre-K up until grade 6 with about 400 student enrollees.


St. Mary School | School Program



The school offers flexible preschool programs for children aged 3 to 5. Its preschool curriculum address faith development, fine and gross motor skills, pre-reading readiness skills, language development, and technology, music and art exploration. The students are fostered in a faith-filled, creative and nurturing learning environment under the hands of highly qualified teachers.


A time for growing and learning, kindergarten is handled by dedicated and talented teachers who will work in building the learning foundation of the students for future success. Students are taught Catholic religion, language arts, mathematics, science and social studies, and specials (which includes music, physical education skills, art instruction, library skills and technology).


St. Mary School offers education for children up to 6th grade, with two sections for every grade. The average class size of 18-23 allows the community to easily gather for prayer and worship, as well as for fun activities. The students are taught to earn high scores and show excellent growth in academic areas on informal, formal and standardized tests.


St. Mary School | Parent Information

Along with the school staff, St. Mary School welcomes parents and families in helping to create and sustain a positive environment for the students. The parent school group is called School Family Organization or SFO. This group is considered as the central way of establishing volunteers and committees to help in outreach opportunities and school activities.


St. Mary School | Community-Building Activities

The Student Family Organization (SFO) helps with voluntary services and finance support activities; provides a vehicle of communication between school staff, parents, school advisory board and the Catholic community; and promote information programs and spiritual and social activities for the benefit of the students, families and faculty.


St. Mary School | Student Information

All student needs are attended at St. Mary School. The school augments student instruction with enrichment or accelerated education or assistance based on the needs of the students with the help of educational assistance, auxiliary staff and volunteers. Aside from formal academic activities, St. Mary also offers band lessons, music choir and many school clubs.



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