It’s easier to sell a home when you understand real estate market trends that may impact the marketing of your property. Take a closer look at these marketing tips for selling a house.

📷 Use Professional Photos

In most cases, the first time someone sees your home will in a photograph attaching to your home’s listing. In fact, without these photographs, it’s likely that your listing will not receive the attention it deserves.

  • The Front View

Remove vehicles from the front of your home and driveway to make beautiful shots. Make sure the front entrance is appealing and welcoming. Consider painting the door a brighter color and placing a plant near the entrance.

two story home with driveway showing

  • Other Exterior Views

If you own a condo or town home that has no yard, take photographs of the clubhouse, pool, spa, or tennis courts. Highlight outdoor features like pools, grilling areas, garages, and patios.

pool with lounge chair in background

  • Interior View

Take quality photographs of the room when staging, and make sure the room is well lit. Showcase interesting features like wood floors or fireplace mantles. Adorn the kitchen and dining room with flowers.

staged house with hardwood floors

📹 Offer Virtual Tours

Buyers love virtual tours because it affords them the opportunity to see the entire house. The tour can be made more interesting to prospective buyers by adding sound, music, or an exciting and professionally written description that goes along with the movement of the tour.

staged kitchen yellow flowerpots

🏠 Place Real Estate Agent Sign

Signage is a favorite promotion technique that gets results. It is free advertising that should encourage home shoppers to call your real estate agent immediately. If you want to go the extra mile, the sign should contain not just a phone number but also a photo of the agent.

woman, man and child in front of for sale sign in front of house

📰 Print & Online Advertisement

Local newspaper ads can be an effective means of targeting a larger audience. In addition, online advertisements should not be ignored as the majority of the online listings are free. This is especially important if you decide to choose the for sale by owner option.

man reading a daily newspaper

🚪 Hold Open Houses

An open house is where you invite the public to tour your home. These are sometimes held for just real estate agents, but often they are open to anyone who wishes to see your home. Potential buyers have a chance to ask questions before deciding if they wish to place an offer.

open house sign

🤔 How can a real estate agent help?

Choosing to sell your home without a real estate agent can be risky. When it comes to marketing your home for sale, we know how to reach potential buyers who are looking for your home. Let us create a marketing plan that highlights the best features of your home so that it sells quickly!
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