Marketing via Facebook📈

Several strategies remain in place to effectively distribute real estate Facebook advertisement campaigns. Every real estate agent knows that their skill-set must go beyond just selling a property. This industry requires dedication due to high competition. In order to breakthrough, one MUST generate leads through marketing campaigns.


Technology changes EVERYTHING! 💻

Historically, real estate agents employed promotion strategies such as going door-to-door distribution or bulletin board advertisements. Another example includes basic networking around town. More recently, technology continues to change the way realtors conduct business. Because society continues to advance technologically, many agents utilize Facebook to capture new leads. With well structured Facebook ads, agents target the right people. Moreover, the ads reach the exact market one desires, from first-time homebuyers to wealthy coastal retirees.

4 Critical Steps to Market Homes on Facebook📝

✍️Implement Various Targeting Options

Facebook attains the perfect algorithm to target specific audiences. After one decides objectives for that given campaign, various targeting options remain available to the user. Overall, the precise options offer the user a unique ability to target various audiences and ensure the advertisement remains available to that audience.

Some helpful options to reach one’s buyer pool remain down below:

  1. Zip code
  2. “Likely to move”
  3. Age ranges
  4. Lookalike audience
  5. Home ownership
  6. Income

📹Use Video to Showcase your Properties

Video listings offer a unique strategy to market to various audiences. Moreover, video listings present an efficient technique due to the return seen from the initial investment. Specifically, a recent study showed that properties listed with video receive 403% more inquiries than those without video.

Video listings allow potential buyers to view a more realistic version of the seller’s property. Sometimes, pictures do not show everything a buyer wants to see. A video professional attains the potential to create impressive videos the seller’s property. Specifically, the buyer has the ability to move their mouse around to explore the property as if they are present.

Note that the recommended video specs should be adopted when uploading your video into Facebook Ad Manager.

📊Don’t Ignore Testimonials & Reviews

The place of testimonials and reviews cannot be under-estimated. By allowing your clients to do the talking, this will instill trust in your services. People’s wall of distrust about your services will instantly break down when they see that you have received nothing but five-star reviews.

You can incorporate these captivating reviews into your ad copy because it will reveal how much others love working with you.

📸Incorporate High Quality Images For Advertisements

Another important strategy to promote properties on Facebook is to choose the highest quality images for your ads. To draw in potential buyers, ensure that promotonal imagery appears stunning and appealing to a certain lifestyle.

One could also include this in their advertisement copy. Powerful ads generate a hook for new leads. The smart decision involves incorporation of these appealing images.

You need not be scared nor debilitated in your effort to embark on Facebook advertising. Use these tips, have some fun with them as they will definitely have an amazing impact on awareness of your brand of real estate services.

If you have any more questions about how to sell your home, contact RL Real Estate at 605-212-8431 or at Regan Laughlin and her team of real estate experts desire to serve you everything you may require.

Facebook Ad Tips Courtesy of Lori Ballen🤔

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