🏘Memorial Middle School | Mission Statement

Memorial Middle School is the Learning Place: Learning for a lifetime. Learning to like yourself. Learning to live with others. Learning to serve.

🏝Memorial Middle School | Hours, Address, Phone, Map

Website: http://www.sf.k12.sd.us/schools/middle-schools/memorial

Address: 1401 South Sertoma Avenue, Sioux Falls SD, 57106

Phone Number: (605) 362-2785, Fax: (605) 362-2790

Hours of Operation:

Start Time: 8:55 am
Dismissal Time: 3:48 pm
Office Hours: 7:30 am – 4:30 pm (Monday to Friday)

 🛍Memorial Middle School | Staff

Headed by Principal Carrie Aaron with Assistant Principal Scott Hannemann, the Memorial Middle School is composed of a dynamic staff working together to ensure the overall growth and development of the students.

  1. Aaron, Carol Joan, Principal, Middle School
  2. Albers, Linda Jean, Child Nutrition Worker
  3. Albers, Susan K, EA, SpEd – Resource
  4. Allard, Laura Zo, Dir. Study./Learning Ctr.
  5. Andela, Kerri Lynn, Counselor – Middle Sch
  6. Anderson, Gregory David, Math – 7th Grade
  7. Anderson, Jacob Aaron, Math – 8th Grade
  8. Anderson, Rachelle Marie, Social Studies – 7th Gr
  9. Anderson, Rebecca Lynn, Clerical, Class II Bldg
  10. Anderson, Shelly Frazee, Social Studies – 8th Gr
  11. Ayotte, Jacob William, Custodian
  12. Bauer, ShaLee Marlene, Reading – Middle School
  13. Becic, Midhat, Custodian Engineer
  14. Belfrage, Marta M, Social Studies – 8th Gr
  15. Boll, Faith Kathleen, Child Nutrition Worker
  16. Bones, Sandra R, Clerical, Class III Bldg
  17. Bossman, Michael Troy, Vocal Music – Middle Sch
  18. Bowling, Lucille I, Child Nutrition Worker
  19. Brown, Sheri L, Speech Therapist 6-21
  20. Burgers, Glenda Rae, EA, Middle School
  21. Carr, Wanda M, PE – Middle School
  22. Cash, Dianne Ruth, EA, SpEd – Resource
  23. Cavros, Paul Louis, Custodian
  24. Chau, Marissa Faye, Language Arts – 7th Gr
  25. Chin, Jennifer Jeanne, Orchestra Middle School
  26. Clark, Michelle Ann, Math – 6th Grade
  27. Conrad, Robert James, Instrumental Music, MS
  28. Davenport, Holly Ann, Language Arts – 6th Gr
  29. Debacker, Jamie Lee, Child Nutrition Worker
  30. Decker, Ann Marie, EA, Middle School
  31. Dibbert, Debrah L, EA, Tech Ed
  32. Dickes, Tyler J, Social Studies – 7th Gr
  33. Dobbs, Alex P, Counselor – Middle Sch
  34. Donlan, Kathleen Frances, Science – 7th
  35. Egstad, Peter C, PE – Middle School
  36. Eisenbeis, Carol Jean, Language Arts – 7th Gr
  37. Even, Jeanne M, Social Studies – 7th Gr
  38. Fenceroy, Zachariah James, Specialist, Behavior Facilitator
  39. Fitz, Kathy L, Specialist, IEP Facilitator
  40. Fluth, Susan G, Math – 6th Grade
  41. Frank, Julie Ellen, Specialist, IEP Facilitator
  42. Freeman, Jessica Lynn, Language Arts – 8th Gr
  43. Gaster, Benjamin Martin, EA, SpEd – Resource
  44. Goldammer, Neal Leo, Custodian
  45. Graham, Carmen Noble, FCS – Middle School
  46. Gutierrez, Carrie Anne, Special Ed. Teacher – MS Ma
  47. Haagenson, Haley Rose, Language Arts – 8th Gr
  48. Hannemann, Scott Edward, Ass’t Principal, MS
  49. Hansen, Patty Jo, ICT II
  50. Harmon, Cory R, Math – 7th Grade
  51. Harris, Megan McKenna, Spanish – Middle School
  52. Healy, Jamie Nichole, Social Studies – 8th Gr
  53. Henning, Steven G, Science – 8th
  54. Heyen, Patrick Alan, Special Ed Teacher, MS
  55. Hilleson, Judy Ann, Language Arts – 7th Gr
  56. Hofer, Ruben J, Child Nutrition Worker
  57. Hohn, Jason M, Math – 7th Grade
  58. Hubble, Peggy L, Science – 7th
  59. Hunt, Ashley A, Special Ed. Teacher – MS La
  60. Hurst, Sandra Joan, Social Studies – 8th Gr
  61. Huska, Taylor Paul, Science – 6th
  62. Hyder, Yusuf Ali, Custodian
  63. Jaton, Cathleen Delayne, Clerical, Class II Bldg
  64. Johnson, Mirna Jazmin, Child Nutrition Worker
  65. Johnson, Vickie Lynn, Custodian
  66. Kirkwold, Susan Lynn, Math – 8th Grade
  67. Klein, Denise M, Language Arts – 6th Gr
  68. Knock, Erin Nicole, Social Studies – 6th Gr
  69. Knowler, Amanda Delle, FCS – Middle School
  70. Knutson, Tara Lynelle, Humanities – MS
  71. Koskela, Constance Marie, Clerical, Class IV Bldg
  72. Koster, Stacy Lynn, EA, SpEd – Resource
  73. Krause, Jesse Lyn, Special Ed Teacher, MS
  74. Kronberg, Mary A, Child Nutrition Manager
  75. LaBue, Gerrad R, Health – Middle School
  76. Larson, Tania Mae, Special Ed Teacher, MS
  77. Laughlin, John Paul, Instrumental Music, MS
  78. Leach, Michael J, Math – 8th Grade
  79. Lingo, Verna M, Cook
  80. Loosbrock, Tammy Jean, EA, SpEd – Resource
  81. Lundgren, Madison Rae, PE – Middle School
  82. Luschen, Brian L, Custodial Manager
  83. Marsh, Jill Renee, Language Arts – 7th Gr
  84. Matthews, Jordan Aleise, Language Arts – 8th Gr
  85. Mauss, Carolyn Beth, Clerical, Class I Bldg
  86. McHenry, Daniel Steven, Social Studies – 7th Gr
  87. Miller, Kasey Jo, Special Ed Teacher, MS
  88. Miller, Laura Ellen, Math – 8th Grade
  89. Musser, Natalie Jayne, Math – 8th Grade
  90. Nelsen, Patrice Ann, Special Ed. Teacher – MS Re
  91. Neumeister, Deborah A, Dir. Study./Learning Ctr.
  92. Nimick, Michelle Vivianne, Child Nutrition Worker
  93. Nugteren, Ann Marie, Reading – Middle School
  94. Ohara, Janice K, Child Nutrition Worker
  95. Ortman, Julie A, Dir. Study./Learning Ctr.
  96. Owens, Sara Whitney, Social Studies – 6th Gr
  97. Peterson, Sheri R, EA, SpEd – Personal
  98. Plucker, Melissa Suzanne, EA, SpEd – Resource
  99. Preheim, Debra A, ICT III
  100. Reker, Amie Beth, Math – 8th Grade
  101. Ricketts, James W, Science – 6th
  102. Riggs, Leisa Kay, Social Studies – 6th Gr
  103. Saathoff, Joan Lynn, Child Nutrition Worker
  104. Sanborn, Deborah Annette, Science – 8th
  105. Sayasavanh, Tina Marie, Science – 7th
  106. Selchert, Jill Marie-Benker, Science – 6th
  107. Short, Benjamin Robert, Career & Tech Ed I (MS)
  108. Silvernail, Sarah Rae, School Nurse
  109. Steever, Todd W, Career & Tech Ed I (MS)
  110. Stengel, Diane L, EA, Middle School
  111. Summers, Heather Leigh, Language Arts – 8th Gr
  112. Sundvold, Mary K, Choir/Chorus – MS
  113. Teerink, Tracy Anne, Art Middle School
  114. Thomas, James J, Math – 6th Grade
  115. Undt, Sharon Marie, EA, SpEd – Resource
  116. VanDenBerg, Lindsey Danielle, Special Ed Teacher, MS
  117. VanderWolde, Nicole Renee, Science – 8th
  118. Wachal, Grady D, PE – Middle School
  119. Wagenaar, Sarah Ellen, Child Nutrition Worker
  120. Waldera, Jennifer B, Art Middle School
  121. Walker, Anne E, Counselor – Middle Sch
  122. Weeldreyer, Kristin K, Math – 7th Grade
  123. Weis, Charles Cletus, Science – 6th
  124. Wiese, Alexander Richard, Math – 6th Grade
  125. Wigg, Michelle Angelique, Gifted Education – MS
  126. Wilson, Robert D, Science – 8th
  127. Wolkow, Marcella J, Dir. Study./Learning Ctr.
  128. Wuebben, Shane T, Administrative Intern
  129. Wyatt, Lindsey Louise, Special Ed Teacher, MS
  130. Zortman, Kristine Marie, PE – Middle School
  131. Zueger, Susan Jean, Language Arts – 6th Gr

 📕Memorial Middle School | Calendar

Listed below are the activities of Memorial Middle School for 2017.


Activity: Jazz Band/Wind Ensemble Retreat

Time: 8:00 am-4:00 pm

Location: Memorial Middle School, Auditorium



Activity: Jazz Band/Wind Ensemble Retreat

Time: 8:00 am-10:00 am

Location: Memorial Middle School, Auditorium


Activity: Band Ensembles Concert

Time: 7:00 pm-8:30 pm

Location: Memorial Middle School, Auditorium



Activity: Signature Show Choir Choreography Retreat

Time: 10:00 am-4:00 pm

Location: Memorial Middle School, Auditorium



Activity: Musical Auditions

Time: 4:00 pm-5:30 pm

Location: Memorial Middle School, Auditorium



Activity: 6TH, 7TH, 8TH Band Concert

Time: 1:00 pm-8:30 pm

Location: Memorial Middle School, Auditorium


Date: TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2017

Activity: 6TH, 7TH, 8TH Orchestra Concert & Bravo

Time: 6:30 pm-8:15 pm

Location: Memorial Middle School, Auditorium



Activity: Musical Cast and Production Crew Meeting

Time: 4:00 pm-5:00 pm

Location: Memorial Middle School, Auditorium

📍Map of Sioux Falls’ Memorial Middle School



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Memorial Middle School is the Learning Place: Learning for a lifetime. Learning to like yourself. Learning to live with others. Learning to serve.
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