Open houses are tried-and-true channels of generating interest for a listing. To get more buyers into an open house, there is a need to explore several marketing strategies.

Advertisements don’t have to cost a fortune, as there are numerous ways to get the word out. An open house that is well planned and strategic will obviously drive the most traffic. Here are some proven tips to help boost traffic to your open house.

πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ Explore the Local Market

It is essential to explore the local market to become familiar with the homes and how to best reach people in the community. Locate similar areas and watch for new listings. Hosting an open house in an unfamiliar environment could result in a waste of time and effort.

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πŸ“° Post Your Advertisement

Plan your open house early enough. You can authorize your listing agent to immediately post the details in the MLS so that online buyers can quickly capture the information.

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Having your open house details published through the MLS and on websites, like this one, gives people a chance to plan for upcoming open houses. You want to give people plenty of time to schedule with their real estate agent to be present.

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πŸ’» Social Media Streams

Social media streams are an essential medium for spreading the word about your open house. You can upload the photographs of the listing on Instagram and get more exposure through shares.

In addition, consider sharing the date, location, and time of the open house on Twitter. Setting up a Facebook event will also go a long way to get your message across to numerous people.

↔️ Use Directional Signs

Directional signs help to drive traffic to open houses, so you should position them strategically just before the event. In addition, you can print out a map of the area and mark the locations of all the signs, placing them on the nearby high-traffic roads to ensure they are visible and easy to follow.

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Cast a wide net to include buyers that live outside the radius of your neighborhood by posting ads in places you normally wouldn’t. This could generate high amounts of traffic and ensure that your house stands a much better chance of being sold.

⌚ Open House Sign Features

Although signs don’t sell homes, they do help to draw in potential buyers. It is very important that the right information is displayed on your open house sign.
  • The sign should read β€œopen house” and not just β€œfor sale”
  • Include the scheduled time for the event.
  • Include a directional arrow which points to the front door.
  • Add the house address, price, and an informational rider.
How to Get More Buyers to Your Open House
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How to Get More Buyers to Your Open House
Wondering how to get more buyers to your open house? Check out these helpful tips that can make your open house a success!
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