The Red Door Church is a local church in Sioux Falls is committed to building their church according to God’s plan. It is a real church with real people that serves a real God. They worship the God who meets the messy people and changes lives through Jesus into someone who honors and worships Him. All that they do is driven by their passion to see lives as they are influenced and impacted by Jesus.


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 🏬Red Door Church Sioux Falls | Contact Information

Address: 807 N Lake Ave, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Phone: 605-215-1832





🏦Red Door Church Sioux Falls | Reviews

Facebook Review by Darrek Olson (5 Stars):
Such a great group of people. And Red Door realizes that nobody is perfect and we all are equal in the eyes of God.–
Facebook Review by Jacque Stauffer (5 Stars):
Red door is always welcoming! Everyone should always be comfortable walking through the door! The messages are in real world and I always feel like they are talking directly to me! And it is a wonderful church to call home!–
Facebook Review by Mandy Harsch (5 Stars):
Red Door church truly cares about anyone who walks through the doors. Furthermore they are a church who teaches Truth and want to see lives transformed by our one true God. Therefore I am part of Red Door. —



🏥Red Door Church Sioux Falls | Mission Statement

The Red Door Church exists to impact and influence the lives of others by linking to God, people and culture. Hence, their mission statement is: Real God. Messy People. Changed Lives. In order to accomplish this mission, the church has come up with a strategy of gathering people on Sunday, and grow together in groups, and to go live love aloud.



🌈Red Door Church Sioux Falls | History

While serving on staff as the Generation pastors at theCity Church in Montana, Pastor Zach Bauer and his wife Sarah felt that God was transitioning them out of the youth ministry and preparing them to plant a church. Two years later in 2012, they announced that they will plant Red Door in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The Red Door Church publicly launched on February 2013.

🦋Red Door Church Sioux Falls | Catering to Believers

The church aims to see every person reach their highest potential in Christ. Wherever they are in the lives, whatever is going on, and there is always a next step to grow. The first step is to gather people on Sunday, not to get something but to be something. Next is to grow together through LifeGroups with the belief that the quality of our relationships impact the quality of our life. Finally, the third step is to live love loud; faith is meant to be shared, not stored away.


🍒Red Door Church Sioux Falls | Service Times

Service at Red Door Church is during Sundays at 10:30 AM. There is an online service during Thursdays at 7:05 PM and at Sundays at 10:30 AM. During weekend service, there is fresh coffee every morning with First Impression greeters welcoming you. It is the church’s passion to serve Jesus by making everyone feel at home. The music is modern and the dress is casual.


 🍧Red Door Church Sioux Falls | Ministries

The Red Door Church believes that connecting to people is important for the spiritual growth and life of an individual. LifeGroups is made up of small groups of people meeting throughout the week in homes around the community. Also in a Life Group, people study the word of God, pray together, and encourage each other in life’s challenges and issues.

Life Courses are specific classes that are offered during summer. These are designed to help give specific focus on certain topics, aiming to give a better and deeper understanding to the attendees. Furthermore the classes last for 4 to 7 weeks and meet at varying times in a week. The sessions are led by team leaders who have had ample training and experience on their course.

🚐 Red Door Church Sioux Falls | Youth

The youth ministry meets every week on Wednesday nights. Also, open for students in junior and senior high school, this group gathers the students for fun, discussions and food. There is also a kid’s ministry where the children are teach music, games and crafts, while learning about the word of God. This is a group of high energy and promises lots of fun.

🗺Red Door Church Sioux Falls | Facebook Page

Visit the Red Door Church Facebook Page here!

🏖Red Door Church Sioux Falls | Staff

The Red Door Church is made up of a dynamic team that ensures that all activities run smoothly and successfully. The Lead Pastor is Zach and Sarah Bauer, Pastor Zach and Sarah have always had a heart for the people, with Zach having served 8 years on staff as the Generator pastors at City Church in Billings, Montana before planting the Red Door Church in Sioux Falls in 2012.

Team leaders are: Bryan and Ashley Paulson for Shift Youth Ministry, Nate and Beth Fields for Worship, Dustin and Erin Douglas for LifeGroups. And there is also Troy and Renee James for Generation Church, Jeff Walklin for Church Online, Brian and Steph Helmbrecht for First Impressions, and Talisa Wager for Social and Digital Communications. In addition Steph Helmbrecht is also the Admin Assistant.

🏙Red Door Church Sioux Falls | Volunteer

The Red Door Church believes that church membership is like a partnership, and partnership should be active. Members are encouraged to serve in the church by serving in teams like kids’ team, hospitality, tech, clean team, creative team and prayer and care. In addition, the church also organizes L3 Projects throughout the year to influence and impact people in the community.

🏞Red Door ChurchSioux Falls | Events

Upcoming events in Red Door Church include the LifeGroups Semester Launch. Furthermore this is a re-gathering for the second semester where everyone is encourage to find and join a group. Another is the Above and Beyond Appreciation, where members who go above and beyond at Red Door are recognize. Nominations can be submitted in the mobile app. Also this happens during the last Sunday of every month.

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🗺Map of Red Door Church in Sioux Falls

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Red Door Church Sioux Falls
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Red Door Church Sioux Falls
The Red Door Church is a local church in Sioux Falls is committed to building their church according to God’s plan. It is a real church with real people that serves a real God. They worship the God who meets the messy people and changes lives through Jesus into someone who honors and worships Him.
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