Dedicated to the work of health and healing.


1105 E Holly Boulevard
Brandon, SD 57005

 🎢Phone number

(605) 582-5820

🏙Hours of Operation

7:30 AM–5:00 PM (Mondays to Fridays)


Laboratory Hours
7:30 AM-5:00 PM (Mondays to Fridays)


🏟Other Locations of Sanford’s Clinics

·         Bemidji

·         Bismarck

·         Fargo

·         Sioux Falls

🏥About Sanford Health: The Clinic

Sanford Health Clinic remains among the largest health care providers in the US. Geographically speaking, the headquarters of Sanford Health resides in the Dakotas. Overall, the hospital and clinics integrate health care alongside patients. Moreover, Sanford boasts over 45 hospitals.Clinic-wise, Sanford embodies over 300 hundred clinics over the span of 9 states.

At present, Sanford remains one of the largest employers in South Dakota. Generally speaking, Sanford employs 28,000 employees, including over 1,300 physicians. To attain state of the art technology and promote affordability, Sanford Hospital relies on generous donations. Impressively, Sanford Health has received over $1 billion dollars from a variety of philanthropists. Specifically, Denny T. Sanford remains the hospital’s most generous donor.

Moreover, Sanford Health fully embraces advanced medical practices. Specifically, the hospital focuses on ground-breaking initiatives like genomics, global children’s health, and more. Additionally, Sanford specializes in progressive research involving cancer and diabetes.

🎊About Sanford Health: Services

Sanford Health is dedicated to providing quality health care to the various communities served.

As leaders in health care services, the clinics provide patients with expert medical care and world class facilities Most importantly, Sanford offers cutting edge technology that out runs other hospitals. Besides, Sanford Health is dedicated to providing quality education, research and community development of its host communities. In general, Sanford commits their vision and work to improve human conditions across the globe.

Sanford Family Medicine Clinics provide qualitative health care for every family member. From the baby to the grandparents, each member of your family is taken care of. Specifically speaking, family outreach is achieved via annual physicals, baby checkups, athletic physicals, regular check- ups, vaccinations and school physicals.


🛍Career at Sanford Health Clinic

Geographically speaking, Sanford Health’s hospitals and clinics reside within 250,000 square miles. From small towns to large cities, Sanford’s presence remains undeniable. For current job opportunities with Sanford Health, please click here.

Note: The numbers on the map represent the open positions in that location


Electronic visits with a physician or nurse practioner allow patients trusted convenience for their health. With e-visits, you can interact with Sanford Clinic physicians wherever you may be.

For a video visit, a health care provider can be contacted from home or work. Using your laptop, tablet or mobile device, you can connect with a physician. This type of doctor visit involves non-urgent conditions like colds and flus. If you experience life-threatening symptoms, go to the hospital’s emergency room.

Requests for an e-visit can be made through My Sanford Chart. To start an e-visit, click here.

🕋Call a Sanford Health Nurse







You can contact an experienced Sanford nurse via phone call here.

Alternatively, you can use these lines:

My Sanford Nurse – North Dakota, NW Minnesota
(701) 234-5000 & (800) 821-5167.

My Sanford Nurse – South Dakota, SW Minnesota, NW Iowa
(605) 333-4444 or (800) 445-5788.

Sanford nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days. While on a call, nurses assess your symptoms. Moreover, they answer your questions accordingly. Most importantly, they recommend whether or not you should visit a clinic, based on your symptoms.

🏕Sanford Health Regional Medical Centers

Sanford Health serves multiple locations in more than 126 communities. To select an appropriate location that suits you, use the search and advanced filtering options here.

🗺Sanford Health Library

Visit the Sanford Health library here for educational, informational and enlightening resources. These tools guide you to living a healthy lifestyle everyday!

You will learn more about:


Besides, the library also features:

  • Wellness Library
  • Adult Health Library
  • Pediatric Health Library
  • Tests & Procedures
  • Drugs

🌅 Sanford Health Videos

The Sanford Health Videos feature a large collection of videos that showcase their practice areas, patient stories, and other helpful information. Few among them are:

For more Sanford Health Videos, click here.

Nearby Clinics and Their Distances

Below is a list of nearby clinics to Sanford Health Clinic, their addresses, telephone numbers, driving directions and the chief medical officers.

  • Mc Greevy Clinic Avera Brandon
  • 06 miles away
  • MD -Chester Darren
  • Address: 1101 E Holly Blvd Brandon, SD 57005
  • Phone: (605) 582-3853
  • See driving directions here.


  • Mc Greevy Clinic Avera Brandon
  • 06 miles away
  • MD- Mc Elroy Michelle
  • Address: 1101 E Holly Blvd Brandon, SD 57005
  • Phone: (605) 582-3853
  • See driving directions here.

·       Mc Greevy Clinic Avera Brandon

·       0.06 miles away

·       GMD- Briggs Richard

  • Address: 1101 E Holly Blvd Brandon, SD 57005
  • Phone: (605) 582-3853
  • See driving directions here.
  • Sanford Clinic Family Medicine
  • 59 miles away
  • DO -Jensen Elizabeth
  • Address 600 N Sycamore Ave Sioux Falls, SD 57110
  • Phone: (605) 328-2999
  • See driving directions here.



🚑Sanford Health Foundation

Generous philanthropists and donors support the Sanford Health Foundation. Remember, Sanford’s mission strives to shape the future of health care. More importantly, they desire to improve human conditions. Finally, Sanford remains confident to deliver hope and healing to patients across the Upper Midwest.

At present, Sanford Health foundation records over 21,335 donors.  Monetarily, $5.5 million have been raised. In addition, Sanford collected over 120,001 gifts.


📍Map of Sanford Health Clinics

Sanford Clinic Family Medicine Brandon
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Sanford Clinic Family Medicine Brandon
Sanford Health is dedicated to providing quality health care to communities it serves. As leaders in health care services, the clinic provides patients with expert medical care, world class facilities and leading edge technologies.
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