No one wants to think of having to sell their home when it’s damaged because the sale may seem difficult. There are some things you can do to sell a damaged house. let’s take a look!

💻 Marketing a Damaged Home

Marketing a damaged home can be a challenge but it’s not impossible. You still want to make the home look the best possible by focusing on staging that makes sense. We can help you determine what works with your property.

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The best marketing strategy is honesty. While you may think people will avoid a damaged home, there are sellers who appreciate a good project, those who love to flip houses, and investors who may think your damaged property is worthwhile.

💲 Sell to an Investor

Some investors purchase houses irrespective of the extent of damage; be it fire- and water-damaged houses, worn and torn old houses, mold-infected houses, termite-infested houses, and those with bad roofs. Many invesors offer cash for the home, and they will either renovate and sell the newly renovated home or remove the house and replace it with a newer home.


🛠️ Renovate & Sell

You may decide to renovate, repair, and upgrade your house prior to selling. We can offer you helpful insight on whether it’s worth your time and money to renovate the home and sell, or if you’re better off to sell it as-is.

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🏠 See Home As Is

If you want to avoid the renovations and repairs, you may decide to sell your home “as is” with a transparancy to the buyer about the damage. Be prepared for lowball offers because investors will consider renovation costs and what they could potentially make off of the property before making their offer.

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👍 We Can Help!

We can help you decide whether you want to do renovations or list the property as-is, and we can connect you with buyers who are interested in properties just like yours!
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How Can I Sell a Damaged House?
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How Can I Sell a Damaged House?
There are times when you must sell a home that needs repairs. Here are some tips on how to sell a damaged house.
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