Recent studies have shown that about 70% of home buyers start their search for a new house on the Internet. It’s no wonder – the Internet has become a virtual marketplace for real estate information. In today’s real estate market, home sellers want to sell their house quickly, and using online strategies makes sense.

πŸ–₯️ How do I sell a house online?

The first step in selling a house online is creating an online advertisement that is appealing to potential buyers and includes photographs that make them want to see more. In today’s real estate market, it’s not enough to just list your home with a phone number and instructions to contact you if they are interested.

how to sell a house online

Since you are the one taking on the responsibility of advertisiting your property online, you’ll want to use the methods that make the most sense for your community. There are several websites that can be of help, but you’ll want a complete plan as you begin.

πŸ’» List Home on Specialized Websites

Specialized websites that help those who choose a for sale by owner option are great resources. Many of these websites require a fee to publish your listing, but they do allow you to upload photographs to use alongside the home’s details.

πŸ“± Contact RL Real Estate

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πŸ’² Display Asking Price & Location

Another strategy of selling a home on specialized sites like is to prominently display the asking price and the home’s location. Imagine yourself as a homebuyer and think about what you would like to see if you were considering buying a home and then go from there.

model home on stacked coins

Many prospective buyers search these sites for homes in a certain price range and if they did not feature the price range they can afford, they will leave the page in search of other homes. This is why you should let people know what you are asking for and whether or not you are willing to negotiate or accept offers.

πŸ“· Use Professional Photographs

The role pictures play in property advertisement cannot be under-estimated. Many people completely skip over ads that don’t have photographs. This is why you should provide as many attractive photographs as possible.

Photographs should feature front, back, and side views of the home. You can employ the service of a professional photographer to perform this task. By keeping this in mind, you will have a much better chance of selling your home over the Internet.

⌨️ Create a Website

It is important for sellers to create a website to showcase their house and neighborhood. Doing this will give the greatest impact, and your website should feature some quality still pictures showing the outside and inside features of the home.

This step in the marketing plan for your home’s listing can seem intimidating, which is why we would love to help you! We have resources that are devoted to creating a web presence for your home that helps reach potential buyers.

πŸ“Ή Create a Virtual Tour

One of the best ways to get the attention of potential buyers is to provide them with a virtual tour of the home. When doing this, use someone with a good voice to talk about the house as you take buyers on a virtual tour.

staged bedroom with lots of light

However, it is important to prepare the house for showing and ensure it attains the greatest appeal before you take the video or pictures. Staging your home to sell is essential.

🏑 Highlight Features & Amenities

Every home buyer wants a house that is attractive, situated in a good location, and in close proximity to essential social amenities. You can include descriptions, pictures, and links to those desirable locations all on one page or on separate pages of your website.

Highlight the strong features of your home like the number of bathrooms, bedrooms, floors, the square footage of living space and the lot size. Don’t forget to also highlight features such as the garage, central air conditioning, fireplace, alarm, patio, or pool.

Adding a map that pinpoints the location of the home is helpful. Consider stating other facilities that add value to your property like proximity to a golf course, nature path, public transportation links, or elementary school.

☎️ Provide Contact Information

Allow people to get access to you by including your email address and phone numbers. You may want to create a temporary one for this purpose, as listing personal information on your website should be done with caution.

Woman looking at tablet and holding phone

If the marketing techniques highlighted in this post are properly implemented, it won’t be long until the inquiries come. You will discover that very soon, your house for sale will need to be shown while your sale will soon follow.

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