You hear house style terms like Ranch, Bungalow, and Mid-Century Modern, but what do they mean? Find out in our Sioux Falls Home Styles for Buyers guide.

If you’ve been searching Sioux Falls homes for sale, you may notice architectural style terms that are unfamiliar. Let’s take a look at the top five home styles you’ll find in Sioux Falls real estate listings.

🏠 Villa Style

The classic image of a Villa-style property is one that is luxurious with plenty of outdoor space for gardens and a pool. They are single-family homes that are inspired by Roman and Italian designs. You may hear the term attached to the idea of a vacation home that is a luxury retreat.

In Sioux Falls, the term villa may be used to describe a sub-style connected to Ranch style houses. Typically, these properties are one-story, single-family residences with attached garages. They are compact and popular choices for first-time home buyers and those downsizing.

🗝️ Sioux Falls Villas for Sale

🏘️ Cape Cod Style

Cape Cod homes began as cottage style homes with one-story that were of simple design with no dormers. The Cape Cod-style evolved in style in the mid-20th century when suburban neighborhoods grew in popularity.

Sioux Falls homes built using the 20th-century architectural style are one-story or one and a half-story homes with the noticeable steep, gabled roof. These homes may have shutters and dormers.

🗝️ Sioux Falls Cape Cod Homes for Sale

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🏡 Ranch Style

One of the more popular architectural styles in the United States, ranch-style houses began to show up in California in the 1930s. They reached the height of their popularity in the 50s and 60s. You may recognize this style of home in many popular television shows of that era.

Sioux Falls ranch-style homes remain true to their traditional roots with a pitched roof, attached garages, and picture windows. Builders use brick or wood for siding. Ranch homes are one-story and typically have a patio with sliding doors. These homes remain popular in modern neighborhoods.

🗝️ Sioux Falls Ranch Homes for Sale

🏠 Mid-Century Modern Style

Brazilian and Scandinavian architects influenced the growth of the clean, simple style known now as mid-century modern. Made famous in the 1950s, the mid-century modern home used a post and beam design to create a style that allowed for less bulky walls and larger windows.

While you may not find many homes classified individually as mid-century modern in Sioux Falls, you will find a select few and many others that have design elements that reference that style. Famous for the vintage appeal, these homes go quickly!

🗝️ Sioux Falls Mid-Century Modern Homes for Sale

🏘️ Bungalow Style

In stark contrast to the prevalent Victorian homes of the 1800s, the bungalow-style spoke to California’s desire to a less elaborate residence choice. At one point, these homes were so popular that Sears and Roebuck offered a kit in their catalog that allowed for the easy assembly of one of these houses.

You’ll find plenty of bungalow-style houses in Sioux Falls that are waiting for your unique design elements to make them home. In general, bungalows have a simple design with a covered porch and low-pitched roof. Some of these homes have hipped roofs.

🗝️ Sioux Falls Bungalow Homes for Sale

📌 Sioux Falls Home Styles for Buyers

While you are checking out home listings in Sioux Falls, you may come across houses that incorporate several architectural styles in one plan. As we move through modern times where homeowners appreciate a mesh of styles, builders are exploring the benefits of style blending.

Wondering which home styles are new on the market? Check out the most recently listed homes for sale!

Sioux Falls Home Styles for Buyers
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Sioux Falls Home Styles for Buyers
You hear house style terms like Ranch, Bungalow, and Mid-Century Modern, but what do they mean? Find out in our Sioux Falls Home Styles for Buyers guide.
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