The Sioux Falls School District has over 21,000 students, 33 schools, and a Great Schools District Rating of 6 out of 10. The Sioux Falls District is located in Minnehaha County, and also extends into Lincoln County to the south. With so many graduates, its large alumni network is very active with annual class reunions and get-togethers all year round.

📍Map of Sioux Falls Public Schools

🎓  Here are the highlights from the Class of 2017 Graduates:  ?

  • 384 students are recognized as Regents Scholars by the South Dakota Department of Education
  • 230 students are members of the National Honor Society
  • 119 students are recognized as Advanced Placement (AP) Scholars by the College Board
  • 13 students are National Merit Finalists
  • 279 students are Presidential Education Award winners
  • 224 students have earned the Advanced Placement Achievement Award

Envision: Graduation 2017 [Video]

 Below is a summary of some key information to help you learn more about Sioux Falls School District. 

📅 Sioux Falls School District Calendar 

The 2018-2019 school year will begin on Thursday, August 23, 2018. The most important change this coming school year is the start date will begin before Labor day. This change was a major concern from the School District Calendar Committee, which wanted to begin before Labor Day. This change will offer a four-day weekend for the Labor Day holiday. Sioux Falls District calendar is an interactive tool that allows you to select the school and see all the events and activities pertaining to that school. There is also a separate athletic event calendar. Click here to view the calendar.

👨‍💼 Sioux Falls School District Staff 

The school district is professionally staffed with educators, coaches, counselors and administrative staff to support 33 schools There are over 21,000 students and their parents. The Sioux Falls School District School Board is made up of six members: a president, vice president, superintendent and three members. All meetings, reports, and agendas are completely open to the public on the school districts’ website. Click here  to search and contact staff.



🎒 Sioux Falls Public Schools

  •  🎒Sioux Falls Elementary Schools

  • 🎒 Sioux Falls Middle Schools

  • 🎒Sioux Falls High Schools

📚 Sioux Falls School District Library 

The school districts’ library is robust and equipped with the latest tools and resources to enhance student learning. Librarians across the district are coordinating activities to promote the Hour of Code. For example, at Washington High School, female technology professionals from Citibank and EROS will talk to students about their work, encourage them to consider computer science as a profession, and assist students as they complete the Hour of Code activities.

📚 Sioux Falls School District Library – [Hour of Code]

The Sioux Falls School District library caters to the satellite of grade, middle, and high schoolers in the Sioux Falls area. The library has galvanized the need to educate coding to students, with the “Hour of Code” trying to do just that. Coding is the new frontier when it comes to the job force, with about 500,000 computing jobs opening nationwide. To raise awareness of the possibilities of working in this burgeoning industry, the Sioux Falls School District Library has students participating in coding classes to prepare students for the 21st century. The Sioux Falls School District is one of many institutions that are promoting events for the “Hour of Code.”

Like any other library, the Sioux Falls School District Library allows students to read up on research and check out the facility’s e-books and audiobooks. As more young Americans utilize technology like tablets and smartphones, the Sioux Falls School District Library has positioned itself at an advantageous point, with audiobooks available for mobile devices.

⏳Sioux Falls Library Hours

The library that caters to the Sioux Falls residents has different hours of operation for various levels. For elementary school children, hours of operation are during normal school hours. Middle Schoolers can visit the library during regular school hours as well. High school students have a bit more leeway, with the library opening at 7 am and closing at 4:30 pm. Different staff members cater at various grade levels. Here are their contact information if you need to communicate with them.

👩 Library [Staff]

The staff at the Sioux Falls School District Library cater to different levels of schooling from elementary up to high school. Many of the staff work at peripheral institutions including Discovery Elementary School, Garfield Elementary School, Harvey Dunn Elementary School, and Hawthorne Elementary School. Some will work at the library on an adjunct basis, but there are always dedicated staff to help with registration or finding a book or a passage that a student may be looking for.

📚 Sioux Falls School District – [Ebooks] [Audio Books]

The Sioux Falls School District library offers different types of audiobooks and ebooks for their students. Audiobooks are a favorite with high school students, as it allows them to absorb a written story or technical work while multitasking. Ebooks are just electronic versions of the traditional book, which has also found its way in many classrooms due to their convenience, especially with the popularity of tablets.

🏫 Sioux Falls School District [Infinite Campus]

Studies have shown that students excel in the classroom when parents are involved in the educational process, as learning should continue beyond the school’s facility. Sioux Falls School District library looks to ensure that parents are involved with the help of Infinite Campus.

Infinite Campus is an app that allows parents to access student lunch menus, receive notifications from school faculty, and receive news on the academic happenings of the Sioux Falls School District. The desktop version of Infinite Campus allows you to see grades, a student’s schedule, assignments, attendance, and any discipline information. Parents and guardians can contact teachers directly via email at any given moment.

🍲 Sioux Falls School District [Lunch Menu] 

Child Nutrition Services provide a variety of menu items and give students the healthiest choices with the freshest ingredients available. They’ve added fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain pasta, and whole grain bread to all menus. The School District has a 99.8 percent average for health department scores which reflects an adherence to federal regulations, state regulations, and local health department regulations. Child Nutrition Services provides three different menus for elementary, middle, and high school. Click here to view the breakfast and lunch menus on the main website.

🗺 Sioux Falls School District [Boundaries]

Residents and guardians determine the Sioux Falls School District’s boundaries. The district’s mapping tool is used to ascertain which school caters to eligible students. By entering the house number and street address, eligible schools are shown, with schools being designated as “cluster” or “preschool” signifying program and placement sites.

The boundaries are always open to discourse and input from parents and residents in the area, as they are continuously updated when necessary. Boundaries are also devised to accommodate the growing number of incoming students.

🗺 Sioux Falls School District [Boundary Changes]

The Sioux Falls School Distract expect several hundred more students in 2022, with boundary changes flexing, ultimately causing boundary changes to the district. In February 2017, school districts officials looked at the increasing birth rate in the region and the impact that it will have with local schools. Long term solutions involved adding additional facilities, but the immediate response included redrawing the district’s boundaries.

The most recent modification was three years ago when boundaries were edited to conform to the district’s need for new buildings. Officials note that not only will there be boundary changes, but middle and high schools may require a comprehensive overhaul. Input by parents and teachers will be used to edit these limits.

🚏 Sioux Falls School [Bus Boundaries]

The boundaries enacted for the Sioux Falls School district goes by the resident parents and guardians. The school district will provide transportation services for those in grades K-8, with eligible students required to live within the designated busing areas. Services for those with disabilities will be provided by the Special Education Placement Committee.

To help determine school and transportation eligibility for designated for students in a specific region of the Sioux Falls school district, it’s important to refer to the bus mapping tool. The home’s location will be the primary factor used to determine transportation eligibility. “Eligible” or “Eligible because of hazard” will indicate that address is in a busing area.

👨‍💼 Sioux Falls School [Bus Employment] Opportunities

As mentioned, the number of students, enrolling, and graduating are increasing. This demand inadvertently created a need for qualified bus drivers. The fleet of buses that cater to students are ready to operate – but the district is still looking for people to operate them. There are sign up bonuses available for those who already have their commercial driver’s license, with the district willing to train eligible individuals and sponsoring the permit. New drivers can ride along veteran drivers to familiarize themselves with the routes and the bus.

📖 Sioux Falls School [Open Enrollment]

A parent of a Sioux Falls school may attend the school that caters to that specific region following the boundaries map. A parent of a child between kindergarten and 12th grade who lives outside of the region can complete a request for open enrollment. Applications can be picked up at the public schools or the Instructional Planning Center. All the requests need to be sent to the director, with a first come, first serve basis. Enrollment decisions are contingent to the “open enrollment application standards” mandated by the school board. For more information on the procedures, application and process, please visit the following link: OPEN ENROLL HERE!

🗺 Sioux Falls School School Boundary [Map]

Assignments in the Sioux Falls School District are made according to the residence of the parent or guardian. The Sioux Falls School District provides transportation for eligible students in grades K-8. Eligible students must live in a designated bus area in order to receive transportation. Click here to view the boundaries and bus mapping tool.

Sioux Falls School District Boundary Tool


☎ Sioux Falls School District [Contact Info] ☎

The school districts’ office address is:

201 E. 38th St.
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

You can also contact the school district via email: 

Call (605) 367-7900 to connect with the receptionist.

👨‍🏫 Sioux Falls School District [Employment] 

The school district has a full-service electronic system to handle substitute vacancies call Substitute Employee Management System or SEM for short. You can also visit the main website to view vacancies for administrative and support services.

There are new teacher certification rules effective 7/1/2017. Candidates have the option to apply for the one or five-year certificates depending upon the requirements. Normal processing time is around 10 weeks. If you’re thinking about applying soon, review the main website for detailed information on the new rules for certification.

💻 Sioux Falls School District [Library Portal] 

The library portal at Sioux Falls is powered by OverDrive, a free service offered by your library or school that lets you borrow eBooks, audiobooks, and more from their digital collection. In addition to OverDrive, students and teachers have access to MackinVIA. The MackinVIA is a complete digital content management system. This provides easy access to eBooks, audiobooks, databases, and videos. Basically, students can access all their learning materials, including textbooks, online.

❌ Sioux Falls School District [Cancellation] ❌

If the Sioux Falls District needs to cancel school due to inclement weather, there will be a notice posted the main website here. Parents and guardians will also have the option to call in form information.

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The Sioux Falls School District has over 21,000 students, 33 schools, and a Great Schools District Rating of 6 out of 10. The Sioux Falls District is located in Minnehaha County, and also extends into Lincoln County to the south.
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