🏂Snowboarding in Sioux Falls, SD

Snowboarding is quickly becoming one of the most popular family activities in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Families cherish this sport due to the high intensity of exercise and the ability to be outdoors.

Snowboarding embodies an intense winter sport, a cross between surfing and skateboarding. The sport involves riding an epoxy-fiberglass board, closely resembling a large skateboard. As you ride the epoxy-fiberglass board down a ski slope, your feet are fastened to the snowboard with straps over your feet. In short, you are “surfing” down the ski slope.

Sioux Falls represents a great place for a family snowboarding excursion. This city is recognized for the Great Bear Ski Valley, which features over 220 acres of unlimited year-round fun and excitement. This ski valley is just minutes away from downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Furthermore, this popular park, also the largest, resides within Sioux Falls Park and Recreation Department. Great Bear offers snowboarding for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. Additionally, the park offers skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing.


🏔Great Bear Ski Valley and Recreation Park

Great Bear Recreation Park features fourteen downhill trails, four miles of cross country skiing, a terrain park for jumps and tricks, and a snow tubing hill. If you are making a trip to Sioux Falls during the wintertime, be sure to make an effort to check out this one of a kind recreation park.

Within in Great Bear, several snowboarding instructors remain available at the ski valley for customer assistance. The instructors aid beginners to provide the best tips possible. They assist in various realms of skiing and snowboarding, while providing a friendly and relaxing service to their customers. You can learn more about Sioux Falls snowboarding here.

Great Bear Ski Valley is an excellent place for both beginners and intermediate snowboarders, making it a must during a family excursion.

Recently, Great Bear introduced a Bear SnowSports School in Sioux Falls. This service encourages newbies to learn more about skiing or snowboarding from the certified, professional ski/snowboard instructors. More information about the SnowSports School program can be read here. You can contact the school at 605-367-6031 for any specific questions. If you desire to enroll in the SnowSports School program, check here.

❄Snow Related Sports in Sioux Falls

Snowboarding identifies as exciting and thrilling; however, the sport presents some dangerous circumstances. Experts advise that interested parties take proper precautions while engaging in the outdoor sport. One critical idea encourages inexperienced snowboarders to receive sufficient instructions from their instructors for proper safety reasons and/or techniques. Having received the proper instructions, you will discover that snowboarding in Sioux Falls can be one of your greatest life experiences and, potentially, a brand new hobby.

Take a snowboarding excursion when visiting Sioux Falls and enjoy true adventure.

Users recommend that you bring any necessary equipment or gear when you arrive to the location. However, required equipment is available for rent in the Sioux Falls’ Great Bear Ski Valley lodge. This is located at 5901 E Rice Street Sioux Falls, SD 57110. You may also want to contact the location to make proper arrangements prior to visiting. Contact them at 605-367-4309 for additional information and weekly hours. You will undoubtedly enjoy unlimited winter fun and exciting sport activities at Sioux Falls’ snowboard venue.

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📍Map of Sioux Falls’ Great Bear Ski Valley


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Sioux Falls Snowboarding
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Sioux Falls Snowboarding
Snowboarding is fast becoming one of the most popular family vacations in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. An important reason why many families cherished this outdoor sport is because it is an active sport which offers a lot of exercise for everyone.
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