🏘️How to Buy a House after a Short Sale

Buying a house after a short sale affects your chances of getting a loan to buy a new home. Also, you will have to go through a three-year waiting period before you can qualify for a Federal Housing Administration(FHA) loan for a new house. But if you have been taking good care of your credit … Continued

🏚️ How to Sell a House Before You Buy One

Buying a new house is an exciting feat, but before you get to experience all the good, you’ll have to go through some important decisions. For homeowners, one of the initial things they have to decide on is whether they should first sell their current house or buy a new home.  How to sell a … Continued

🏠Sioux Falls Real Estate Market Report – March [2017]

Here’s an inside look at the Sioux Falls real estate market statistics for March 2017. March completes the first quarter of real estate in Sioux Falls. Sellers are in a good position as real estate trends continue to improve in the right direction. Interest rates have risen slightly, however they still remain at an all … Continued