🏚️ How to Sell a House with an Agent

While it is possible to sell a property without an agent, it is highly recommended to sell a house with an agent. With a lot of information on the internet these days, many people still wonder if it is necessary to engage the service of an agent in the sale of a house. Others who desire … Continued

🏚️ How to Sell a House with No Equity

Selling a house can be a long and tedious process, and it is especially made more difficult if the seller owes more on the mortgage than the actual value of the house. A home with equity is a huge advantage a home owner can have in the process of selling a listing. Properties with equity … Continued

🔮Tea, South Dakota

Tea, South Dakota

Tea, South Dakota is the only city in the United States. Tea is located in Lincoln County, South Dakota, near Sioux Falls. Sometimes, Tea is referred to as a suburb of Sioux Falls, although it was founded as its own community. The city is geographically separated from the Sioux Falls metro area by farmland. Tea … Continued

🚷How to Sell a House Without an Agent

For sale sign with sold sticker

You can sell a house as a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) without engaging the service of an agent. The good news is that no law forbids you selling your house without the involvement of an agent. The bad news is you could be losing thousands of dollars by trying to sell yourself.  Ultimately, a … Continued

🌍Hartford, South Dakota

Hartford has all the amenities you could ask for, either you are looking to make Hartford your home or relocate your business. Is your family into sports, relaxation or entertainment? Hartford has just what you need. Motto: “On The Edge Of Everything” This city allows you to enjoy its luxuries right down the road.  It … Continued

🏫 Memorial Middle School

🏘Memorial Middle School | Mission Statement Memorial Middle School is the Learning Place: Learning for a lifetime. Learning to like yourself. Learning to live with others. Learning to serve. 🏝Memorial Middle School | Hours, Address, Phone, Map Website: http://www.sf.k12.sd.us/schools/middle-schools/memorial Address: 1401 South Sertoma Avenue, Sioux Falls SD, 57106 Phone Number: (605) 362-2785, Fax: (605) 362-2790 … Continued

🏚️ How to Sell a House Before You Buy One

Buying a new house is an exciting feat, but before you get to experience all the good, you’ll have to go through some important decisions. For homeowners, one of the initial things they have to decide on is whether they should first sell their current house or buy a new home.  How to sell a … Continued

🏠Sioux Falls Real Estate Market Report – March [2017]

Here’s an inside look at the Sioux Falls real estate market statistics for March 2017. March completes the first quarter of real estate in Sioux Falls. Sellers are in a good position as real estate trends continue to improve in the right direction. Interest rates have risen slightly, however they still remain at an all … Continued