🏫 Memorial Middle School

🏘Memorial Middle School | Mission Statement Memorial Middle School is the Learning Place: Learning for a lifetime. Learning to like yourself. Learning to live with others. Learning to serve. 🏝Memorial Middle School | Hours, Address, Phone, Map Website: http://www.sf.k12.sd.us/schools/middle-schools/memorial Address: 1401 South Sertoma Avenue, Sioux Falls SD, 57106 Phone Number: (605) 362-2785, Fax: (605) 362-2790 … Continued

🏚️ How to Sell a House in a Bad Market

Sioux Falls Real Estate Graph showing real estate market going up

When the real estate market goes bad, usually take their listings off the market and wait until conditions get better. However, not everyone has the luxury of waiting and need to sell because of financial difficulties or job transfers. Selling in a bad market is not really ideal, but there are things that you can … Continued

🏠Sioux Falls Real Estate Market Report – March [2017]

Here’s an inside look at the Sioux Falls real estate market statistics for March 2017. March completes the first quarter of real estate in Sioux Falls. Sellers are in a good position as real estate trends continue to improve in the right direction. Interest rates have risen slightly, however they still remain at an all … Continued