💸How to Buy a House Before You Sell Yours

    Real estate today has become very competitive that you might find yourself frustrated with the available choices once you have sold off your existing house to make a down payment. In hot markets, sellers benefit from multiple offers. Which can be problematic for buyers, particularly for those who are working on a tight … Continued

💵How to Buy a House with Cash

  The benefits associated with buying a home with cash are numerous. Besides non- payment of interest on a standard mortgage, the transfer of funds is with ease and the overall cost will be substantially reduced. His write-up covers the process involved in buying a home with cash, the simple steps to pay cash for … Continued

⛪Red Door Church Sioux Falls

The Red Door Church is a local church in Sioux Falls is committed to building their church according to God’s plan. It is a real church with real people that serves a real God. They worship the God who meets the messy people and changes lives through Jesus into someone who honors and worships Him. … Continued

🌍Hartford, South Dakota

Hartford has all the amenities you could ask for, either you are looking to make Hartford your home or relocate your business. Is your family into sports, relaxation or entertainment? Hartford has just what you need. Motto: “On The Edge Of Everything” This city allows you to enjoy its luxuries right down the road.  It … Continued

🔮Tea, South Dakota

Tea, South Dakota is the only city in the United States. Tea is located in Lincoln County, South Dakota, near Sioux Falls. Sometimes, Tea is referred to as a suburb of Sioux Falls, although it was founded as its own community. The city is geographically separated from the Sioux Falls metro area by farmland. Tea … Continued

🏫 Harrisburg Endeavor Elementary School

🏵Website: http://harrisburgdistrict41-2.org/ 🎸Harrisburg Endeavor Elementary Mission Statement: To create a safe environment for students while giving them the best education possible. Address: Endeavor Elementary 2401 W. 95th Street Sioux Falls, SD 57108 Phone number: Phone: (605) 743-2567 Fax: (605) 271-0410  🏰Logo Hours of Operation School Starts: 8:15 am School Ends: 3:15 pm Breakfast: 7:50 am   … Continued

🏫 Edison Middle School

 👑Edison Middle School | Mission Statement To prepare students to succeed academically, responsibly, and socially in an ever-changing world. 🌞Edison Middle School | Hours, Address, Phone, Map Website: http://www.sf.k12.sd.us/schools/middle-schools/edison Address: 2101 S. West Avenue, Sioux Falls SD, 57105 Phone Number: (605) 367-7643, Fax:(605) 367-8457, Message Center:(605) 330-5143 Hours of Operation: Start Time: 8:55 am Dismissal … Continued

🏘️How to Buy a House You’re Renting

Renting a house is a good alternative for people for still have to build up their finances or have yet to decide on where they permanently want to reside. But when you find yourself ready to make the plunge, many wish that they can just buy the property that they are currently renting. If you … Continued

⛪Embrace Church | Sioux Falls

For those looking for a place to pursue the truth, they will fit right in Embrace Church. The church is affiliated with the United Methodist Church and aims to come to know the Lord who is changing lives. Embrace Church is more than just a club to be part of; it hopes to truly encounter … Continued

🛣️ How to Sell a House on a Busy Road

  Every buyer has their own requirements when buying a house – and it almost always does not include a busy and noisy road. Because of the compromise on peace and quiet, properties in these area sell less than at least 15 percent and attract far less buyers than the rest of the neighborhood. If … Continued