🏫 Memorial Middle School

🏘Memorial Middle School | Mission Statement Memorial Middle School is the Learning Place: Learning for a lifetime. Learning to like yourself. Learning to live with others. Learning to serve. 🏝Memorial Middle School | Hours, Address, Phone, Map Website: http://www.sf.k12.sd.us/schools/middle-schools/memorial Address: 1401 South Sertoma Avenue, Sioux Falls SD, 57106 Phone Number: (605) 362-2785, Fax: (605) 362-2790 … Continued

🏠How to Sell a House with Owner Financing [2017]

The recent changes to the economy these past few years have homeowners discovering whole new ways to sell their home. For example, many have done away with selling through a realtor and have opted to sell properties on their own. Another option that has been growing in popularity is selling a house with owner financing. … Continued