Broker Associate



Born and raised in the Midwest, I take pride in my work ethic and professionalism. I graduated from Washington High School in 1993 and soon after began a career in construction. After 20 years in road construction, I decided to switch gears and take my talents to Union Pacific Railroad in Worthington, Minnesota. Following 5 years of commuting from Sioux Falls to Worthington, I decided to take the plunge and take the real estate exams.

Self-employment has always been an attractive option but has never seemed plausible. However, Regan, my wife, inspired me to take a chance to become a small business owner. I am excited to see where the real estate path will take me and I am grateful to be a co-owner at RL Real Estate.

I look forward to the opportunities RL Real Estate will provide, whether that be assisting clients or participating in a volunteer event. RL Real Estate thrives on putting their clients and families first, and I will do the same. This brokerage’s values align with mine and is the perfect place to cultivate relationships with clients. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, I would be honored to represent you as a Broker Associate.

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