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The real estate career path is the most rewarding job and challenging career that I have had. I GET the opportunity everyday to help people buy and sell real estate! Who would’ve thought I could actually pull that off? And, the greatest personal reward in everything I do are the relationships I’ve been introduced to that continue to grow every day. Learn all about RL Real Estate Group here.

My first full year of real estate 2015: I sold 43 homes!!

My second year of real estate, 2016, I started my very own team 2016 and our team sold 71 homes!!

In my 3rd year of real estate, 2017, I started my very own brokerage, RL Real Estate Group and our team sold 52 homes!!

In January of 2018, my husband, Cullan Laughlin decided to join me in our business and what I ride it has been! (So far, so good!) After several years of working for someone else he chose to work for himself or me, rather! 🙂

And, In September of 2018, my husband and I made the decision to expand our careers further and teamed up with eXp Realty! Why, did we make this move?? eXp Realty has a model that directly aligns with the future and vision of real estate TODAY. The agent owned worldwide, cloud based brokerage is changing how we as agents can provide more value, education, technology to our clients. Our business is ALL ABOUT OUR CLIENT’s! We want to assure and harness as much value as possible that we can spill over to our client’s. eXp affords us the freedom to do just that!

Who is RL Real Estate Brokered by eXp Realty? We are exceeding all expectations in Real Estate. Through continuous growth and development, we have achieved excellence through technology, innovation, transparency, simplified processes, and a consistent work ethic. Because of building relationships with people and understanding their needs, a home sale is just the byproduct each and every day.

Our current Sioux Falls real estate team: Regan Laughlin, Cullan Laughlin, Haley Laughlin and Katy Johnson and we are looking to add enthusiastic agents who want to succeed in the new world of real estate!

So, here is my story…

I decided to follow my lifelong dream in March of 2014, to become a real estate agent in Sioux Falls, SD! With over 700 other agents, the competition was, and still is, fierce. I knew that I didn’t want to be an “average” agent that sells 8 – 12 homes per year. I knew that being average was not good enough. For the 1st 3 months of my career I literally sat on the couch playing Candy Crush and watched CNN. WHY? I was terrified to help people sell and buy the biggest investment of their life and for 3 months I told myself I couldn’t do it. With the help of friends, other Realtor’s and my husband, I slowly got off the couch and started finding my way! TODAY, I am so grateful for getting off that couch, step by step, day by day.

And then…..

I defied all of the national odds and within my first full year of real estate, I sold 43 homes. Not only did I defy the national averages, I founded RL Real Estate Group with ReMax Professionals, Inc in my 2nd year in the business!

My goal is to help nurture long lasting relationships with my clients. I am very passionate about helping other agents grow their businesses, too!

I love my life professionally and personally! I am a wife, mother of 2 daughters, and “mama” to 3 dogs. (Still hoping and praying for a 4th dog!)

I love to garden, read, travel, volunteer, coach and mentor others in real estate, and spend time with family and friends.

And, in case I forget to tell you, “I LOVE REAL ESTATE!!”

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