Social media selling is an integral part of the modern sales process which utilizes essential tools to leverage social networking sites, identify prospects, build relationships and ideally close more deals. It is a sales strategy which is more than just a hot trend. The role of social selling in real estate cannot be under-emphasized.

🧰 Why use social media tools?

  • Over 78% of people that engage in social media selling outperform their peers.
  • Social media sellers generate over 38% additional new opportunities than traditional sellers.
  • Unlike outbound marketing, social selling has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate.

social media tools

Effective social selling is a tough task to accomplish, especially given the many responsibilities that the average homeowner has to juggle. This is why it is important for you as a home seller to utilize the right technology stack in order to improve and streamline your social selling efforts.

🧭 LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is a social media platform that offers detailed customer information, and it has been described as the most essential B2B social selling platform. One of the attractive features of LinkedIn is that it offers a specific feature for sales professionals.

LinkedIn Navigator

With the Sales Navigator, you can easily discover, save, and segment LinkedIn leads. This social media tool provides an advanced search option for you to find your ideal buyers, based on specific criteria such as job title, and company size. You are offered real-time updates on your prospects and customers for improved communication.

📇 LinkedIn Social Selling Index

Apart from the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LinkedIn also offers other useful social selling tools. One of them is the LinkedIn Social Selling Index. This tool works in conjunction with the Sales Navigator to inform your strategy based on the four pillars of social selling which are:

  • Relationship building
  • Locating the right people
  • Brand establishment
  • Engaging with insights
You are 78% more likely to outsell others is you use social media.

The LinkedIn Social Selling Index evaluates how your strategy measures up in these four key areas by allotting scores to each of the four pillars, which adds up to one final “SSI score.” This tool enables you to understand how effective your social selling strategy is so that you can easily make improvements in the areas you may be lacking.

👉 Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media tool, which is widely known for sharing and managing posts across platforms. In addition to this, the tool is highly effective for social listening or keeping track of prospects’ online conversations about your brand.

hootsuite screen

You can keep track of prospective home buyers’ conversations online. You will then be able to locate and then engage them through social media.

🤔 Why do it all yourself?

You could spend time and money on social media tools to help sell your own home, or you could call us! We’ll be happy to help do all the marketing for your listing so you can relax and enjoy a less stressful home selling process.

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📧 Nimble

The Nimble is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, which is designed for the social media age. This platform helps to organize your home buyers and leads. It also allows you to keep track of your entire relationship with them.

Nimble CRM Emails

Nimble can be used by home sellers to build in-depth profiles of each intending home buyer, featuring basic data like their location, social media profiles, and activity.

💭 Rfactr Social Port

Rfactr’s Social Port tool is another social media selling tool that streamlines your social selling techniques. As a home seller, you can use this tool to share content on social media and boost both marketing and sales productivity.


In addition, Rfactr enables sellers to identify prospects on social media, based on their stage in the buyer’s journey. With this tool, you will begin to participate in buyer conversations much earlier and get a head start on the competition.

📈 ZoomInfo ReachOut

ZoomInfo ReachOut is a Chrome extension which helps sellers to simplify their social prospecting process. It is a plugin which grants home sellers immediate access to the phone numbers and email addresses of prospective home buyers from ZoomInfo’s B2B database whenever the sellers view the LinkedIn profile of such intending buyers.


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