While everyone appreciates the speed of email and text messages, there’s nothing like getting a personal letter via USPS. Can’t get to the post office to buy stamps? No problem. We’ll show you where you can buy stamps online and share some important restrictions when mailing packages.

💵 How much is a first-class postage stamp?

USPS rates are currently considered by looking at the mail class, shape, and weight of the parcel. However, certain services can be discounted for the clients who decide to buy from the postage services online. The first-class letter rate for postage that was bought at the post office stands at $0.55.

Metered mail rates stand at $0.50, and that includes postage meters and online postage. The first-class mail rate for large envelopes is $1.00, and for every increased ounce, you will be charged $0.20. A first mail international letter will cost you $1.20. For every ounce increased to the first-class mail letter, you will have to pay $0.15.

💰 How much is a postcard stamp?

A postcard is simply a mailer that is sent without being inserted in an envelope. Sending postcard via the postal service is affordable as a regular postcard will only cost $0.35 to post. However, for your mailer to qualify for postcard pricing, it should have the following features 5 inches long, three and a half inches high and 0.007 inches thick. Large postcards cost around $0.50 when sent via the first-class letter.

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🚫 What can I NOT ship in the mail?

In as much as you are allowed to send several items over the mail system, there are restrictions on some commodities and goods that cannot be shipped via mail. These are actionable items and flammable goods which could jeopardize other assets or even the lives of people. Some of these products could be airbags, cigarettes, explosives, dry ice, ammunition, alcoholic beverages.

Among the unwanted goods in the mail system also include gasoline, marijuana, poisons, perfumes, fresh vegetables, and fruits, nail polish, etc. Most of these are hazardous such as gasoline and explosives. For the mail system to be secure and trustworthy such items cannot be sent over through the mail.

🥛 Can I ship breakable items in the mail?

The answer is yes; you can ship fragile goods via mail. You ought to, however, pack them appropriately since, along the way, there could be bumpy incidents. No matter the shipping company you choose to use, your fragile goods will not be safe if you did not pack them properly. Ensure you select the standard box size that will fit your commodity perfectly.

Also, make sure that the product is well protected inside like say with a pad or something soft that covers it. Remember to indicate that the box is carrying something fragile so that it is handled with care by the transporting team.

📦 What can I ship through USPS?

Virtual shipping anything via USPS is quite convenient. It is a mailing system that is quite reliable in sending the standard goods that are not extremely large. The only thing you cannot ship is the goods mentioned above since they are either dangerous or pose health hazards to the handling team. Shipping gasoline can be hazardous and requires special handling facilities to make sure it is safe. Marijuana being illegal in most of the states would categorically put the company in danger.

📬 Where can I buy postage stamps online?

Where Can I Buy Postage Stamps Online?
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Wondering where you can buy postage stamps online? We'll tell you where to buy stamps and fill you in on shipping restrictions that are important right now.
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