Sioux Falls is one of the best places to live. Hence, it is recommended that you consider looking for a house and lot for sale in this city so that you too can have a piece of this amazing community. Overall, Sioux Falls represents a land of great places, faces, and attractions.

Located on the beautiful Big Sioux River, Sioux Falls has a phenomenal history and surrounded by abundance of trees and beauty.



🏫Many reasons to live in Sioux Falls

Packed with a range of natural wonders, astounding beauty, exotic and mesmerizing attractions, Sioux Falls is your sure destination of choice.

This is a common question being asked by many outsiders and people who are searching house and lot for sale in Sioux Falls. Moreover, there are a lot of reasons why you want to live in Sioux Falls, the largest city in the state of South Dakota.

Dense population

As earlier mentioned, this city is the largest and most populous city in the state. Overall, it is a home to more than 170,000 residents. With 56.3 square miles of land area and an average population density of 2,994 people per square mile, Sioux Falls is definitely a favorite place to live.

Luxury Vacation

Are you looking for a luxury vacation? Good. You can book one of the Sioux Falls Hotels.  As a relatively wealthy city, Sioux Falls attracts thousands of visitors every year. Honestly, the hotels are a must, should you desire a memorable trip in a unique city. Finally, Downtown Sioux Falls embodies some of the best eateries, hotels, and entertainment that visitors can find when visiting.


Generally speaking, most people who haven’t visited Sioux Falls think the city is boring. For some people, this is the main reason why they avoid looking for a forever home for sale in Sioux Falls. However, outsiders are sorrily mistaken. In fact, you will be glad to hear that Sioux Falls caters to your preferences. For example, there are cultural venues, hiking trails, unique entertainment, and a bustling market for locally owned shops.  The city is great for outdoor lovers and tourists that love their homely comforts. Additionally, the weather varies from season to season. For instance, while the winters bring snow and strong winds, summers remain incredibly warm. Moreover, springs brings rain and growth, while fall embodies beautiful colors and crisp air.

Additionally, many festivals occur during the summer months in Sioux Falls.  Among them include: Jazz and Blues festival, Sioux Land Renaissance Fest, Spirit of the West and Jazz Fest.

If you desire a native taste within South Dakota, you can visit the Native American craft market and the Northern Plain Indians art market.

Natural features

This Midwest town features fertile land, beautiful lakes and streams, rolling hills and broad plains. These features make it the most visited place in South Dakota.

  • Friendly People, Safe Environment

Continuously, Sioux Falls has been listed among the Top ten Best Places to live in the US. Additionally, the city has consistently recorded a very low crime rate and abundance of employment opportunities. All in all, this remains a major reason that makes the city an amazing place to stay, work or visit.

Transportation Options

As you arrive the Joe Foss Field, you will discover that various transportation options exist in the city. You are free to hire a car or cab. Assuming you are already booked into one of the hotels, they make arrangement for your transportation to and from the airfield. Luxury and executive class accommodation remain available, depending upon your preference. In essence, a variety of transportation options persist for all types of visitors.

Host of Things to Do

Various restaurants and shopping options reside in Sioux Falls, SD. Not to mention, you can visit the staggering waterfalls in the center of town. Specifically, downtown hosts a natural wonder from where the city of Sioux Falls got its name. Besides, there are earliest most beautiful historic buildings you can view, particularly, the impressive observation tower where you can view all the wonders of Sioux Falls.

Furthermore, one can view the cities and enjoy its museums, zoo, restaurants, parks and art galleries. Equally important, newly built is the impressive observation tower where one can view all the wonders of Sioux Falls. You are guaranteed to have a memorable and relaxing holiday in Sioux Falls.

International Reputation

According to money magazine’s recent ranking, Sioux Falls is among the top ten small cities in America in terms of quality of life. What a great honor? This city alone boasts of five hospitals and four colleges, hence, it is now a regional center for health care and education.

Not convinced yet? We shall now navigate the tourist attraction sites in Sioux Falls to highlight its natural endowments.

  • Attractions at the Northwestern Corner of Sioux Falls
  • The Big Sioux River originates its loop through town.
  • There is a Sherman Park situated at 16th and Kiwanis Avenue that incorporates the Delbridge Museum of Natural History and Great Plains Zoo featuring more than 300 animals.
  • Attractions At The Driving South On Kiwanis Avenue
  • Recreation Trail and Greenway is located at 41st Street near Oxbow Park. It is a bicycle trail system which encircles Sioux Falls.
  • Attractions Along The Bikeway From Yankton Trail Park
  • The Cherry Rock Park is situated here.
  • The Jim Savage Western Art & Gift Gallery and Studio is located here at 713 S. Cleveland Avenue.
  • The Fawick Park is somewhere here, located at 11th Street and Second Avenue
  • Minerva’s Restaurant, one of Sioux Falls best restaurants is located around here at 11th and Phillips Streets.
  • Travel north from Sioux Falls
  • There is Prairie Village, a privately run village, located outside the town of Madison which incorporates an 1893 steam carousel, a collection of restored buildings, old rail cars, farm machinery and antique automobiles. This village offers camping from May to Labor Day with over 300 electrical sites.
  • Other attractions
  • The Big Sioux River cascades- it forms a waterfall from which the city derived its name.
  • The Old Courthouse Museum and the Pettigrew Home and Museum.
  • There is a historic district that spans a 14-½ block area and contains homes that were constructed between 1872 and 1925. The district is close to the Pettigrew Home and Museum.
  • Aerostar International situated at the Sioux Falls airport, north of the historic district, is a company that provides balloons for scientific, sporting and commercial purposes.

Come Visit!

Most people are friendly here in the Midwest. It is a place that is still close to nature, with a lot of mountain resorts and beautiful beaches surrounding the city. So what are you waiting for? Now is the best time to start looking for a house and lot for sale.

Your real estate agent will give you the best source of information about the local community of your choice and real estate topics. You are advised to contact an experienced and competent real estate agent who can help you walk through the process and properly inform you about the ins and outs of what’s involved.

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Why live in Sioux Falls, SD?
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Why live in Sioux Falls, SD?
Sioux Falls is one of the best places to live; hence, it is recommended that you consider looking for a house and lot for sale in this city so that you too can have a piece of this amazing community. It is a land of great places, faces, and attractions.
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